What Are the Best Tips for Selling Baseball Cards?

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Some of the best tips for selling baseball cards is to get an accurate idea of what the cards are worth, determine the condition of each card, and find the appropriate buyer. A seller should never rely on one party to determine the price of his or her card, especially if that party is the buyer. In addition, part of figuring out the best price is grading the condition of the card. For example, a nearly pristine card is worth more than a card that was accidentally folded. It is also necessary to determine whether the best buyer is an individual or large company, since the final price is often affected by this.

Baseball card prices are always fluctuating, depending on availability of the card and the last or recent actions of the baseball player in question. It can be difficult for a novice to determine the going price of a card and start selling baseball cards. The best place to start is a reputable card book, preferably one from a company that has been around and respected for a couple decades or more. These companies typically publish an updated book every year or so, with the latest release being most accurate. The prices listed in such books should be regarded as reference points only because, in most cases, the card likely will be selling for a little less, though it all depends on how much the buyer is willing to pay.


Determining the condition of a card is one aspect of successfully selling baseball cards. Conditions are important because a card that is in perfect condition is more desirable than one that has bent or dirty edges. Some people have their cards professionally graded, but this might not be necessary unless the seller is selling baseball cards that are worth a lot. In general, the condition of rare cards are nitpicked the most, and providing misleading information on such cards can result in an unhappy buyer. Either way, the buyer can better verify the condition of a card by simply looking at it, which can be achieved by taking a high quality picture if selling baseball cards online.

Selling baseball cards can be time consuming if the seller wishes to get the maximum price for each card or set. If the seller has hundreds or even thousands of common or duplicate cards, selling to a bulk buyer might be the most hassle-free way to go. Selling to bulk buyers is convenient, but the seller is usually guaranteed to make less money than selling the cards individually or in sets. Sometimes bulk buyers do not even look at the cards given to them and pay based on the number of cards and their type.


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Post 4

Always label your cards so you don't have to handle them all to find one card you are looking for. The more you handle the cards the less likely they are to remain in mint condition and increase significantly in value.

Post 3

If you are buying baseball cards as an investment then you should take measures to preserve their condition, so they will gain more value with time.

The first step you want to take is to set aside a cool dry place where you can store your card collection. Dampness and humidity are bad for the cards. Invest in plastic sleeves and holders to store the cards. Keep in mind that intense light can also damage the cards.

Post 2

I was really excited when an older cousin gave me her collection of baseball cards. The bulk of the cards were those of retired players and some of them had been decent players. When I looked up the value of the cards I was really excited.

At some point while I was adding up the value of my cards, my father told me that the cards had to be in perfect condition to get the top value for them. Well, most of the cards were in decent shape, but I learned that the price for a decent card is much less than the price for a card in mint condition.

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