What Are the Best Tips for Secure Video Conferencing?

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Companies that utilize video conferencing as part of the way they do business may have concerns about security. Sensitive information can be revealed during a conference and could be intercepted as it is transmitted over the Internet. Though there are always risks associated with revealing sensitive information over the Internet, there are also a number of tips that can decrease the risk that of information being stolen. Many companies that offer secure video conferencing services offer a number of security features that make secure video conferencing possible. Security can also be handled from the Internet connection of each person in the conference, though distance between them may make this an impractical solution.

The simplest way to ensure secure video conferencing is by conferencing through a hosting service that offers a number of security features. These companies utilize a number of different security features so that information that is provided over the Internet cannot be intercepted by a third party. Many of these companies utilize the same strategies that keep online merchants safe. Encrypting data, using password protection, and working over secure websites are all common ways for video conferencing host companies to protect the privacy of people conferencing through them.


Requiring a password in order to access a secure video conference is one simple way to improve security. A single password can be given to all participants who then log in and access the conference. After the conference is over, the password should be changed so that those people no longer have access to the conference site. Choosing a strong password means using a series of numbers and letters that are not easy to guess. Distribution of the password is important for the security of the video conference as well and should be done through secure e-mail servers, over the phone, or in person.

Conferencing over a secure site is another important way to improve secure video conferencing. These sites are often designated as https, the "s" in the protocol referring to "secure," meaning the site is protected in a number of different ways. It is also possible to encrypt the information that is sent over the Internet which means that if it does land in someone else's hands, it will not be understandable. Encryption can be done through many different programs and is a common service offered by web conference hosting sites.


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