What are the Best Tips for Sealing Grout?

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Grout is a material used to connect the joints between tiles. It is a combination of sand, fine gravel, concrete, and water. Sealing grout is an important step to take once tiles have been laid because it gives them years of protection from stains, moisture, and fungi. Sealing grout is not an expensive or difficult procedure and can be achieved by following a few simple tips. The grout should be dried before the sealer is applied, a paintbrush should be used, no section should be left uncovered, and it should then be tested.

Sealed grout prevents dirt from getting in between the tiles. This prevents mildew from damaging the tiles and also ensures that tiles are easier to clean. Once the grout is sealed correctly, it absorbs any liquid material that comes into contact with it, thus protecting the floor from damage.

The first tip with regards to sealing grout is to ensure that the grout is left untouched for up to two days after it has been applied before sealing it. Depending on the location of the tiles and the climate, this period could be even longer; some grout sealer brands claim that up to five days is required in certain circumstances. For example, grout applied to tiles in the basement may take longer to set than grout placed on a kitchen floor.


When applying the seal to the grout, use a grout sealer that is silicone or water based. It is best to use a small paintbrush to ensure the sealant is applied evenly. It is also possible to purchase grout sealer in a can which provides an easy solution. Ensure that all excess sealer has been wiped away before it dries.

When sealing grout, it is important to start with the first line of grout and work from left to right before going downward. Never miss a single line of grout during the procedure;; any section of the floor left uncovered could cause a large amount of damage. When sealing grout, always clean off any sealer left on the tiles. It should also be noted that each brand has its own specific instructions; these must be followed carefully. Don’t assume that one sealer is the same as another.

After one coat of sealer has been applied, allow it to dry for an hour before adding another. Test the grout by dropping some water on it. Should the water bead as if placed on wax, the task of sealing grout is complete. If not, add another coat until it is fully sealed.


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