What are the Best Tips for Scrapbook Organization?

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There are two types of scrapbook organization: the organization of the scrapbook supplies, and the organization of the pages in the scrapbook itself. One of the best tips for scrapbook organization is to find a system that works well based on how one enjoys scrapbooking; for instance, creating a portable case full of scrapbook supplies can help to keep them organized and out of the way, but in easy reach when needed. Organizing a scrapbook itself is based on personal preference as well.

Scrapbooking often requires the purchase of a number of materials such as stickers, hole punches, stamps, scissors, different types of paper, and small adornments for the pages, among others. If not organized well, these supplies can become messy, lost, or damaged. There are a few different ways to keep these items organized; first, scrapbook organization bags or boxes can be found at craft stores and online.

These bags and boxes provide individual compartments for scrapbooking supplies, keeping them organized and protected from damage. In addition, this type of system makes it clear when certain supplies have run out and need to be replaced. Of course, it is possible to make one's own scrapbook organization system, simply using clear plastic bins or plastic bags. It may be helpful to divide scrapbook items up by event or season; for instance, keep all the birthday or wedding items together, or all the winter items together, which can make them easier to find.


Craft stores also sell desktop storage solutions, which are designed to hold scrapbooking supplies in a small space on a desk or table. One may also choose to get a bit more creative with scrapbook organization, and install shelves somewhere in the home or even make use of repurposed items such as a kitchen spice rack to hold small jars or other smaller items. Another option is to create "page kits," and place all the items that will be used on a page in a plastic bag while the page is still being created, then simply take the bag out when one is ready to work on the page. The key is to keep items in an easily accessible location without having them spread all over a desk or table when not in use.

Organization of the scrapbook itself is another, separate issue. Most people try to organize their scrapbooks in a chronological progression. Others arrange them by significant events or milestones, even if they are not necessarily chronological. The beauty of a scrapbook is that it can be organized however the creator wants it to be, and scrapbooks with removable pages can then be rearranged if needed.


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