What are the Best Tips for Scrapbook Making?

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There is no right or wrong way to go about scrapbook making, as it is highly based on one’s own personal style and opinions. Some may wish to design a very straightforward and simple book, while others might prefer bright colors and lots of captions for photos. The most important thing to consider is one’s own taste and the feelings being captured during the scrapbook making process.

Many events can be captured and made into a scrapbook, including weddings, new babies, and kids’ first days of school. Some people like to make a new book for separate events in life, such as a child’s trip to summer camp, while others prefer to keep one book per family member full of many different events.

Scrapbook making usually involves using colored or designed paper in combination with photos, stencils, stickers, and other decorations. Again, there is no correct way to go about doing this. Using one picture per page combined with simple lettering and a small caption may create a perfect book for some. On the other hand, combining multiple pictures with bright colors and bold statements can be equally as attractive for others. The most important thing is to express one’s personality on each page


Some may also choose to show the personality and likes of the person being featured on the page of scrapbook. Stickers and quotes that show that person’s favorite things, sayings, and feelings can help keep memories of him or her. Scrapbook making can be considered a form of art used to express the way one feels at a given moment in their life, and there is no one way of doing this. Anything that brings those feelings or memories back to the forefront is a good thing to be included in a scrapbook.

Personal items are effective means of doing this. These can include hospital bracelets, decorative birth certificates, and locks of hair, ticket stubs, or other treasured items. Parents may trace their child’s hand or footprint at a given age, or couples may choose to write love letters to one another on the scrapbook’s pages. There are endless possibilities which can be used in scrapbook making to make it unique.

For those who do not have time to make a scrapbook from scratch, there are basic varieties with questions pre-written so the answers can be added, spaces for photos, and decorative pages. These are a huge time saver and are often equally as attractive as handmade versions. They are not as original or personalized, but they do an effective job of commemorating special events.


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