What Are the Best Tips for Salon Marketing?

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Successful marketing techniques are important for any business, but especially for a salon, where satisfied customers will be likely to return again and again, and to recommend the business to their friends. A salon should develop a multifaceted marketing strategy both to entice new customers and to keep old ones, rather than relying on just one type of approach. Advertising is one of the most important methods; placing ads in local papers or community magazines, as well as creating television commercials, is a great way to attract attention. Another good salon marketing technique is to offer coupons, deal,s or specials to returning customers, or to those who refer a friend.

Aside from the traditional areas for advertisements, such as magazines or newspapers, the Internet offers prime opportunities for free or low cost salon marketing as well. Social networking websites can be a great way to communicate with customers, share news about special deals, and describe services offered. Designing a website that is attractive and easy for web visitors to navigate is important as well. Some salons have found that allowing customers to email questions or even set appointments online is much appreciated, and encourages customers to keep coming back.


Offering special deals and promotions is another great salon marketing strategy. Some salons will give coupons out to customers after their first visit, encouraging them to come back for a discount on a future visit or different service. Others will offer referral coupons; if an individual refers someone else to the salon, he or she might be entitled to a future service for free or a reduced rate. Keeping track of clients' birthdays, and sending coupons around that time, is another good method of showing appreciation for customers, and encouraging them to come back. Direct mailings to nearby neighborhoods and apartment complexes can also be a great way of getting the message out.

The appearance of the salon is another important aspect of salon marketing. The building should look clean, bright, and inviting from the outside. Some salons list services offered and prices outside, though this is less common in upscale salons. It is especially important for salons to look updated and modern, as if they are keeping up with the current trends, to reassure customers that they will receive a good haircut. When preparing salon marketing, it is also important to do research in the area and to determine the services that nearby salons offer, as well as the prices they charge, so services can be comparable.


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