What Are the Best Tips for RV Camping?

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With a bit of planning, RV camping can be fun, easy, and low stress for all participants. It is important to plan ahead and consult maps regularly to find out where RV campgrounds are located and what amenities they provide. It is best to prepare for all types of camping situations in case the campground does not have the amenities the campers need, such as electricity or water hook-ups. Before leaving home for an RV camping trip, it is important to properly load the RV and prevent overloading by weighing the camper if possible.

Be sure to do a thorough inspection of the camper before going on an RV camping trip. This includes checking the tires for proper tire pressure, looking for leaks anywhere in or on the camper, ensuring all batteries work properly and all electrical fixtures work, cleaning out the RV for use, and so on. If applicable, the RV should be tuned up with the oil changed and any other necessary repairs or maintenance addressed ahead of time. These steps can be tedious, but they will prevent major problems once the RV camping trip is underway.


Driving an RV can be difficult, so if the driver is new to this type of driving, he or she should practice driving and parking before going RV camping. It may help to have a set of walkie-talkies on hand so a passenger can guide the driver into tight parking spots. If this is not possible, the driver and passenger should go over hand signals so the passenger can guide the driver effectively during difficult driving maneuvers from outside the RV. These techniques are especially important if a car will be towed behind the RV, further making the process of driving and parking more difficult.

Water can be an issue when RV camping, especially if the campers are not staying in a campground with water hook ups. It is a good idea to carry extra reserves of water in jugs in case the campers decide to camp somewhere far from regular amenities. Conserving water should be done whenever possible to avoid excess waste, and water purification systems should be used whenever gathering water from unreliable sources.

Heaters inside the RV should be turned off when not in use, as well as lights and other electrical devices. This will reduce costs and prevent batteries from draining prematurely, and it will extend the useful life of all accessories within the RV.


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Post 2

My husband and I dream that one day when our kids are grown, and we are able to retire, that we are going to do live in an RV.

We both love traveling, but we aren’t wealthy people. We are realistic enough to know that we won't be touring the countryside on jetliners in our old age. However, we were inspired by a couple in our hometown.

Once they were both old enough to retire, they did. Then they sold their home and vehicles. They went out and bought a piece of land and had a septic tank put down, a lovely RV and nice big truck to haul it with.

They go wherever they want to

go anytime they want to, and stay as long as they want to. (There are some really nice campgrounds out there that are reasonably priced, folks.)

When they get tired of that, they drive back to their little piece of land with the nice picket fence and cute landscaping. They stay 'home' until they are ready to go again!

I love the thoughts of it, myself!

Post 1

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to go camping. However, my Daddy wasn't a big fan on his girls sleeping in tents. He loathed campers.

However, when I met my husband, his family owned an older model RV, and they went camping all of the time. Actually, the third time we went out, I actually stayed with his family at a state campground in their RV.

I was hooked from then on out! As soon as we could afford it after we got married, we bought a little popup camper. We take our kids to campgrounds all around our area several times a year. They love it, too!

I find that it is an

inexpensive way to get out of the house and do a little traveling. We could never afford to stay in a hotel and travel around like we do with our camper.

You see, you can take food and cook in the little kitchen, grill or just do some campfire cuisine. That cuts how much you have to spend on takeout.

And, of course, you get to enjoy nature as much as you like, but you don’t have to sleep in it!

RV camping is awesome! I’ve even converted my Daddy!

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