What Are the Best Tips for Roasting Peanuts?

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There are several tips that will make roasting peanuts an easy procedure, as well as a fun family project that is also good to eat. One tip is to begin the process of roasting peanuts by purchasing the proper peanuts to roast. There are several types of peanuts that each offer a potential benefit. It is also wise to salt the roasting peanuts prior to placing them in the oven. Another tip is to remove the peanuts from the oven just before they are done, as this will avoid having overcooked the nuts.

Roasting peanuts at home should begin by selecting peanuts that do not rattle if roasting peanuts in the shell. It is also wise to use either Virginia or Valencia peanuts when roasting peanuts at home. If the roasting peanuts are to be used as peanut butter, one tip is to use Spanish peanuts due to their increased oil content.

Tips for adding a unique taste to the peanuts include mixing in flavoring prior to placing the peanuts in the oven. One tip for adding flavor to the peanuts is to place the seasoning, such as garlic salt, into a paper or plastic bag and shake vigorously to distribute the flavor equally. One tip for buying peanuts in a sealed container is to avoid buying any packages that show signs of moisture within the packaging.


Tips for proper roasting include preheating the oven to 400°F (about 200°C) and placing the peanuts evenly onto a baking sheet before placing them into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Another tip to promote even roasting is to turn the peanuts over halfway through the cooking time. This allows both sides of the peanuts to roast evenly and thoroughly. The peanuts should be roasted until the shells begin to turn brown. Another tip is to watch the peanuts closely once the shells begin to turn brown, as they cook very quickly once they begin to turn.

Similar to roasting meat, the peanuts will continue to cook for a short period once removed from the oven. A tip for avoiding overly-roasted peanuts is to remove the peanuts from the oven shortly before they are done roasting. The peanuts will continue to roast while sitting on the counter. When the peanuts have cooled sufficiently, they can be removed from the shells and eaten. Another tip is for cooks to experiment with the amount of time that the roasting peanuts are in the oven for before coming out.


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