What Are the Best Tips for Reversing Gray Hair?

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Graying of the hair is a natural occurrence that occurs in men and woman as they age. Many try reversing gray hair, while some people display it with pride because it can be noted as a mark of wisdom and experience. Lowering the consumption of refined sugars, managing stress, and consuming natural alfalfa has been connected to the gradual removal of gray hair. Semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes are another quick solution, as well as henna dyes for virgin hair.

Gray hair can be caused by many factors. Mainly influenced by genetics, the natural pigmentation of hair will slowly dissipate overtime due to melanocytes dying off. Take note that there is no current method of “reversing” gray hair that is already on the head, as this hair can only be “reversed” by applying hair dye to it.

White sugar is a strong irritant of the nervous system, creating an imbalance in the body which can lead to the graying of hair. It is best to lower the consumption of foods that are high in sugar to avoid this issue. Replace these items with natural sugars from fruits and vegetables, as these are more wholesome and are used more readily in the body.


On the other hand, the appearance of gray hair may also be connected to high stress levels. If you feel that it is time to start reversing gray hair and to diminish its dominance, then the best answer is to lower stress. Constant emotional upheavals, especially to negative emotions like anger or sadness, can increase the occurrence of gray hairs. Yoga has been noted to help the body to release negative energy during stressful times.

There are some natural supplements that can help in reversing gray hair. Consuming alfalfa tablets on a daily basis or making salads or juice from the plant can help to alleviate graying hair. This is a food item that is not only full of beneficial nutrients that can ward gray hairs, but it also has large amounts of antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system, which may have a direct or indirect impact on hair color.

Another more permanent and immediate route to reversing gray hair is to simply color it with hair dye. There are a number of formulas available in the market, from semi-permanent to permanent dyes. It is best to dye gray hairs the same color as the natural hair found on the head. Henna is another resource for restoring hair color with natural tints; however, this process should only be done on virgin hair.


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