What are the Best Tips for Quickly Healing Bones?

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The best way of healing bones quickly is to not smoke, consume adequate amounts of calcium, and adhere to a health professional’s advice. While some methods of recovering from a broken bone are controversial and unproved at best, smoking cigarettes is definitely proved to slow bone growth by reducing the amount of blood the bone gets. Next, most people are familiar with the saying that milk gives a person strong bones, but this saying came about because of the calcium in milk, which is something bones need to grow or regrow quickly. Lastly, it is important to follow a doctor’s advice on quickly healing bones because removing the cast or not wearing the sling every day can hinder the healing process.

It is easier said than done, but smoking cessation is one method of enabling bones to heal faster. The wounded person does not have to give up smoking forever. In fact, stopping for just one or two weeks to allow the fracture or break time to start healing might be enough to significantly speed up recovery time. For smokers, this tip can be key to recovering within two months instead of three to four. Fast-healing bones is not the only reason to quit smoking, of course; whiter teeth, healthier organs, and a better sense of taste are all benefits of a cigarette-free life.


Getting enough calcium each day is also important to quickly healing bones. Some calcium-rich foods are yogurt, cheese, and many types of beans. For those who prefer to drink their calcium, there is also milk and milk-based products, like milkshakes and eggnog. If the wounded person cannot get all his or her calcium through food and beverages, he or she might try a supplement in either a calcium tablet or all-in-one daily vitamin. Often, a doctor can recommend a preferred brand of vitamin that seems to absorb better in the body, and some health insurance companies give discounts on vitamins.

Lastly, if a doctor says to stay in a cast, sling, or splint for a certain amount of time, it is vital to heed his or her advice. While it can be irritating to shower and move about in these devices, they are meant to speed healing. A doctor might also suggest staying off the feet for some time, and this too should be heeded. If the wounded person has work on those days, he or she can usually ask for a note to give the employer.


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Post 3

Another really good source of calcium is sardines. You pretty much end up eating the little bones and they are an excellent source of calcium.

And you really should try to get as much from your diet as possible. Calcium from vitamin pills is OK, but it doesn't get absorbed as well, and it doesn't seem to have as much benefit as "natural" forms of calcium. So, it might not help the bone healing process quite as much.

One thing to also bear in mind is that calcium can interfere with iron absorption, so you need to make sure you take that into account if you up your calcium intake.

Post 2

@Mor - We learned about the effects of smoking in one of my biology classes. Before it, the professor basically said he would make it his task to have any smokers quit by the end, and I don't see how they could really keep going afterwards.

He told us about the bones and how smoking not only makes them heal slower but can make them weaker as well.

And it's true about the blood. Not only does it stop blood from holding as much oxygen, but it also makes your heart pump faster, and it narrows your blood vessels.

So, if you want healthy bones, or in fact healthy any part of your body, the last thing you want to do is smoke. Even if you never get cancer, you're still doing yourself a lot of damage.

Post 1

That thing about smoking is really true. I had a friend be told by the doctor that she would probably lose her fingers if she didn't stop.

She had a serious accident and partially severed a couple of her fingers.

She was a light smoker and the doctor explained that after he reattached the fingers she would have to give it up, otherwise there was a good chance enough oxygen wouldn't get through to the injury and the fingers, including the bone wouldn't heal themselves.

I actually think it was one of the only things that could have ever have really made her quit, but she's still off them today.

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