What Are the Best Tips for Pubic Hair Removal?

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For most men and women, pubic hair removal falls into on of two popular categories: waxing or shaving. Both methods require specific equipment, and the best tip is to make sure every product in use is high quality and will be gentle on the delicate skin of the pubic region. Before shaving or waxing, it is a good idea to soften the skin and open up hair follicles with warm water, either in the shower or bath or by pressing a warm, wet compress to the skin. There are, however, some tips that are unique to each method.


The first tip for removing pubic hair by waxing is to select a waxing kit that utilizes “hard wax.” This type of product will harden slightly after it is applied to the skin, meaning it can be pulled off without the help of a paper strip, which cuts down on the number of steps and products to fumble with. Pubic hair should be at least ¼ inch (about 0.6 cm) long before waxing begins; the wax cannot adhere to hair that is too short and might fail to remove them. Another very important tip when using wax for pubic hair removal is to take great care not to overheat the wax, because applying excessively hot wax to the sensitive skin of the pubic region could cause maladies ranging from slight discomfort to severe burns. Users can test a small drop of wax on the inside of the wrist before beginning the hair removal process.

One of the best tips for removing pubic hair by shaving is to always begin with a clean, fresh, and very sharp blade — cuts and post-shave irritation are much more likely with a dull blade. A mild, fragrance-free shaving cream should be generously applied to the area, and users do not need to be afraid to reapply cream as needed since plentiful lubrication will reduce the risk of post-shave irritation. Unlike waxing for pubic hair removal, it is important to make sure the hair is as short as possible before beginning to shave; doing so will reduce the number of razor strokes over a given area and decrease the likeliness of irritation.

If irritation occurs after pubic hair removal, it will likely manifest in the form of red bumps, itching, or ingrown hairs. If the skin is burned, broken or bleeding, a dermatologist should be consulted before treating. Intact skin can be soothed with fragrance-free, hypoallergenic lotions or creams, preferably ones containing natural ingredients like aloe or formulas labeled specifically for sensitive skin. An ingrown hair can gently be lifted, but not fully plucked, from the skin with tweezers. Further attempts to remove pubic hair should cease until irritation subsides.

If at-home hair removal sounds too risky or challenging, a good tip is to seek professional assistance. It is important to find a clean and reputable salon for professional waxing. Another permanent, but expensive, option is to have a professional technician use laser hair removal procedures to reduce the amount of pubic hair.


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Never use creams "down there" as they have caustic chemicals in them that can burn and permanently discolor the skin. Laser is hugely expensive and requires several sessions and doesn't work on all hair types. It can also burn and permanently discolor the skin too. Waxing is expensive and very painful and unless you like showing off your privates to a stranger, You may want to think again.

Shaving is the best way to go but not with just any shaver or a wet blade razor. Use a quality personal shaver like the Hair eRazor. They do shave smooth if you use them dry and from personal experience the Hair eRazor does not cause itching, rash or ingrown hairs.

The Hair eRazor website has lots of information about shaving sensitive skin.

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