What Are the Best Tips for Pre-Epilation?

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Treating the skin properly pre-epilation is the best way to get smooth skin. The epilator works by pulling hair out by the roots. Preparing the skin pre-epilation, so that it is clean, dry, and standing upright makes it easier for the epilator to grab the hairs, giving the smoothest results.

Take a bath or shower pre-epilation to soften the skin. This makes it easier for the epilator to remove the hairs by the roots. Do not stay in the bath or shower too long, or the skin around the hair follicles will plump up around the hair follicle, making it harder to get close to the roots with the epilator.

Once the skin is soft, dry it thoroughly. Do not use any type of lotion or cream at this point. They leave a slick residue on the skin, making it difficult for the epilator to grip the hairs. Use a towel to thoroughly dry the skin, then rough the hair up. Roughing the hair up makes it easier for the epilator to grab the hairs.

Move the epilator in firm, even strokes against the growth of the hair. This allows the hair to be removed close to the roots, rather than being ripped off at the surface of the skin. On areas where the skin is loose, use one hand to hold it smooth and taut.


Care taken pre-epilation is only one part of ensuring smooth and even results. After epilating, apply cream or lotion to soothe the irritated skin. The skin may be red after epilating, so do not do this just before a big event. The more often the skin is epilated, the less it irritates the skin, and the thinner the hair grows back in.

Use a loofa or mesh sponge to wash the epilated areas daily. This helps to exfoliate the skin, and minimizes the odds of developing ingrown hairs. Smoothing lotion on daily will keep the skin calm and moisturized.

Pre-epilation tips for wet epilators are the same as for dry epilators, with the exception being that the epilator is used on wet skin, either in the bath or shower. Wet epilators are made to be used in water, but should not be soaked for long periods of time. It can be more difficult to get close results with a wet epilator because the wet skin is slick, making it more difficult for the epilator to grab hold of the hair.


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