What Are the Best Tips for Plucking Armpits?

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Plucking armpits can be an inexpensive and long-lasting method of underarm hair removal. Before someone begins plucking armpits, she should obtain a quality pair of tweezers with angled tips to assist in grasping each hair firmly. She may also wish to purchase a soothing lotion that she can apply to her armpits after plucking, as her hair follicles may be extremely irritated immediately after a hair removal session. Many people may find underarm plucking challenging, because it is difficult to pull the skin tight with the same hand that is also plucking. If asking a friend for assistance is not possible, pluckers may wish to consider the purchase of an epilator. An epilator is a hand-held machine that plucks numerous hairs at once, making the process of plucking armpits faster and more convenient.

In many places, women and sometimes men engage in underarm hair removal. This is done for aesthetic reasons and as a way of controlling body odor. There are several different methods of armpit hair removal, and many people simply shave their underarms on a regular basis. This method has its disadvantages, however, as air that has been shaved grows back quickly, and some people find that daily shaving causes irritation to their underarm skin. Other options include both waxing and electrolysis, though both methods can be expensive when performed by professionals, and non-professionals may have difficulty achieving good results.


If someone decides that plucking at home is the best option, she should take steps that can help ensure a comfortable and sanitary experience with plucking armpits. She should begin by carefully washing her underarms. This is to remove dirt, oil, and residue from antiperspirants and deodorants. By doing this, she can get a better grip on armpit hairs so that she has the best chance of pulling them out completely. If hairs break during the plucking process, she becomes at risk for ingrown hairs.

The plucker should grasp the base of the hair with the tweezers and pull the hair out in the direction in which it grows. As the underarm area is a relatively large surface, the plucker may need to occasionally take a break during the process. After the hair has been removed, the plucker may want to apply a soothing lotion or gel to his armpits. He should also watch for symptoms of ingrown hairs, which usually include red, swollen hair follicles that may look like pimples. If he is unable to release these hairs through circular massage with a warm washcloth or using a sterilized needle to uncoil ingrown hairs, he should seek medical attention for his condition.


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Post 3

I usually wax my underarm first and any hair that is left-over, I pluck with tweezers. I like to apply a hot cloth first to soften hairs, it also makes it less painful.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- I use an epilator as well and I know what you mean. You have to use the epilator frequently, before the hairs get too long, or shorten the hairs before using it.

As for the bleeding, I think that happens more when the tweezers inside the epilator get caught on skin instead of the hairs. You need to really stretch out your underarm while using the epilator to avoid this. Lying down can make this easier.

After I use an epilator and especially if I have any irritation or bleeding, I wash my underarms with soapy water. I don't apply lotion right away because sometimes it burns. Pure aloe vera gel is very soothing for skin after plucking hairs though.

Post 1

I use an epilator to remove underarm hair. But there are some issues with it. Sometimes the epilator irritates my skin and causes redness and some bleeding. I get scared sometimes that it will get infected.

It's also not good when the underarm hairs have grown longer because it tags on all the hairs at once and is very painful.

Are there any ways to avoid these issues? In general, I prefer plucking to shaving because it lasts longer and I don't get stubble.

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