What Are the Best Tips for Playing Percussion?

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For those interested in playing percussion, focusing on one instrument at a time generally works best. Developing the skills necessary to master an instrument takes concentration and effort, so setting aside time to practice is essential. Renting percussion instruments instead of buying may be an option for those who do not want a permanent commitment. Using a soundproof music room might be another thing to consider.

Knowing where to buy a percussion instrument and what to look for can be confusing, especially for a beginner. Browsing the music stores, flea markets, and classified advertisements can be a start. Buying a used musical instrument can be risky unless one knows what to look for. For example, a drum set needs to be inspected carefully for defects. Cymbals and hardware should be carefully checked to be certain there are no flaws that could affect the quality of the sound.

Music lessons are usually necessary when learning to play percussion instruments. It's important to find a professional music instructor, rather than learning from an amateur or friend. Asking for referrals from friends can help find a qualified music instructor.

Local colleges or universities may employ music tutors, and this is another option to consider. Although percussion lessons may require several hours a week of study, practicing at home is equally important. Setting aside one hour a day for practice can help improve one's skills.


Scheduling appointments with a music instructor can be inconvenient for some people. A good option might be to purchase a video series that teaches percussion. Video lessons are good for learning percussion at one's own pace. Also, a video series can be completed in at home, which is a major advantage for many.

To gain basic knowledge of playing percussion, a good start would be to watch a few tutorials. A simple Internet search can provide links to online videos that offer helpful tips. An advantage to this method is there is no cost involved. Additionally, major music manufacturers often produce tutorials that offer advice from music experts and musicians. Books on playing percussion can be found at the library, which may be useful as well.

Music lessons can be an essential factor in playing percussion, but hands-on experience is invaluable. For those uncertain of which percussion instrument to begin with, renting an entire percussion kit may be the best option. This offers the freedom of experimenting with various percussion instruments, allowing one to get a feel for which is most suitable. This option is practical for children who might lose interest after a while, as there is no commitment involved and rental fees are generally reasonable.


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