What are the Best Tips for Pet Hair Removal?

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Pet owners will need to cut the pet’s hair on a regular basis. Most animals with fur can especially benefit from their owner removing shedding hair during the winter months. Tips for easy pet hair removal consists of creating a regimen, sticking to a schedule, proper pet preparation, and usage of hair clippers.

Start a pet hair removal regimen early in the animal’s life. Creating a regimen while the animal is still young will help to facilitate a positive connection with the hair removal process. A bath should also be included in the regimen. Simply allowing the animal to play in water while they are still young will help to promote comfort with the sensations of being wet.

Stick to a schedule for a streamlined pet hair removal experience. Following a schedule will help reduce the animal’s stress, which, in turn, can lower the groomer’s stress as well. A schedule will also make the animal expectant of a haircut, subsequently reducing the chance of trauma. No matter if grooming a cat, dog, or horse, a groomer should give ample amounts of their pet’s favorite treats to reward cooperation and good behavior throughout the removal process.


Make sure to thoroughly brush the coat, as regular brushing will remove tangled knots. After a thorough brushing, give the animal a bath, making sure to use a shampoo designed specifically for it. A shampoo will remove dead skin and further remove any loose fur, as well as promoting health hair growth and natural skin oils.

Larger animals like show horses can benefit from having a towel or cloth over the animal’s eyes during the hair removal process. A cloth will remove the visual stimulation of incoming scissors or hair clippers. Draping a cloth over the animal’s eyes will calm the animal down and reduce the chance of it kicking or lashing out.

Consider purchasing silent hair clippers, which are hair clippers that produce noise at lower frequencies. Most clippers produce a shrill nose, potentially alarming the animal into a panic craze. Use the them to cut hair from the main parts of the body, and use the scissors to cut hair in the extremities.

Some pet owners may have a hard time completing the pet hair removal process by themselves. Pet owners that find it hard to go about the hair removal process may consider going to a groomer. For a fee, a professional groomer will remove hair, fix hooves, and attend to any other part of the animal that requires grooming.


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