What Are the Best Tips for Open Source Task Management?

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Anyone interested in open source task management should keep in mind the exact nature of the tasks that are being managed and consider creating a potential timeline for completion. People should also consider using open source software that utilizes syntax or a platform that they understand and can use to personalize the program in any ways they see fit to make it more effective at satisfying their task management needs. As someone is setting up open source task management, he or she might also consider utilizing an online manager or utility that can be more easily accessed from multiple locations.

Open source task management typically refers either to the use of open source programs to accomplish effective task management, or such management in relation to an open source project. Someone who is managing a variety of tasks during development or alteration of open source software might begin with a time table or chronological outline for his or her work. This allows the person to better understand the order in which he or she needs to complete various tasks and how long such work might take. The person can refine this chronology during ongoing open source task management, but this provides him or her with a strong beginning.


Anyone considering different types of open source software to be used in open source task management should look for a program that best suits his or her needs. Someone should consider the language and syntax used to create a program and any platform or utility that he or she can use to edit or alter the program. This allows someone to more easily adapt an open source task management program to his or her needs. Such customization can alter software to have a personalized layout and interface, to create additional features and utilities not included with the program, and to build a more complex package from simpler base software.

There are also some forms of open source task management that may provide users with more options and tools for their work. Online task managers, for example, can be hosted on a server or other site online and then accessed through any device or computer with an Internet connection. This allows someone to view and change task management criteria and goals seamlessly when moving between a computer, mobile device, and other workstations he or she may use. Any such open source task management software or utility should be password-protected, however, and further encryption or security may be necessary if tasks include sensitive or private information.


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The choice of task management tools is very wide and everyone can select any tool for their taste. I have chosen Comindware task management as it corresponded to all my requirements.

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