What are the Best Tips for Online Trademark Registration?

M. Lupica

Online trademark registration can be an intimidating process if the filer has never completed one before. If the filer understands the basics and actually goes through the process once or twice, it is easy to grasp and can save the filer money that would otherwise go to an expensive attorney. Online trademark registration works best if the filer properly conducts a trademark search, makes sure the trademark he seeks to register is as unique as possible, and goes through the form very deliberately paying attention to detail.

Online trademark registration can be derailed by lack of attention to detail.
Online trademark registration can be derailed by lack of attention to detail.

The most important part of online trademark registration happens before the form is even opened. Prior to filing a trademark, the filer must conduct a search ensuring that the potential trademark is not in conflict with one already in use and protected. The filer should conduct the search first by using the search form on the trademark office’s website and next by using a search engine to see if anything questionable comes up. If it is in the budget, it is recommended that the filer employ a reputable trademark search firm to cover all the bases.

In order to ensure the greatest protection for the filer, the trademark he registers should be as unique as possible. The more descriptive a word is relative to the product, the less protection the trademark will get, and may in some cases be denied by the trademark office. Before spending the money to file an online trademark registration, filers should ask themselves if their potential trademark is already associated with the type of product in the minds of the public. If the answer to that question is "yes," then the filer should reconsider the choice they have made and come up with another name for his product, if possible.

Just like any other bureaucratic process, online trademark registration can be derailed by lack of attention to detail. There are a lot of questions in the filing process that need to be answered by the filer and each is equally important. Little things like making sure that the specimen, which is the term for the example of the trademark used in commerce, matches the actual trademark being registered can save the filer big headaches in the future. The trademark office will scrutinize every bit of information given during online trademark registration so attention to detail is paramount.

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