What are the Best Tips for Nose Hair Removal?

Kelly Ferguson

Nose hair removal can be a very different process than hair removal on other parts of the body. Not only is the area harder to access and more difficult to see, but the skin lining the nose is also very thin, sensitive, and delicate. Perform your nose hair removal in a bright area, preferably using a lit mirror, such as a makeup or vanity mirror, and clean, disinfected tools. Also, leave enough nose hair that it can still act as a natural filter and protect you from inhaling chemicals, pollutants, and floating debris. Generally, remove only the nose hairs that are visible from the outside and leave the hairs higher up in the nostrils.

Nose hair clippers possess a specific blade configuration which make them ideal for clipping nose and ear hair.
Nose hair clippers possess a specific blade configuration which make them ideal for clipping nose and ear hair.

A popular way to remove nose hair is simply to use scissors to trim the hairs that are visible around the opening of the nose. When attempting this method of nose hair removal, do not use large scissors or scissors with sharp points that might make it much harder to avoid nicking or cutting the skin. The best scissors to use are small scissors intended specifically for trimming nose hairs, which usually have rounded points or curved blades to prevent cuts. Generally, it is best not to attempt to use scissors to trim hairs deeper in the nose than the very outermost, visible hairs that protrude from the nostrils.

Antibiotic creams may be used to rid a body of ingrown nose hairs.
Antibiotic creams may be used to rid a body of ingrown nose hairs.

If you feel the need to trim hairs farther up into the nostril, electric nose hair trimmers might be a better idea than scissors. Electric trimmers intended exclusively for nose hair removal usually have a rotary blade at the tip, which trims hairs all around the inside of the nostril, and a blade guard to protect against nicks. Some models of electric nose hair trimmers can be used both in or out of the shower safely, and can even be used to trim protruding ear hairs.

It is rarely a good idea to use tweezers or wax to pluck out nose hairs by the roots. These methods of nose hair removal can be both very painful and dangerous, damaging hair follicles and skin and possibly leading to infections or other problems. Also, avoid using most kinds of hair removal cream in the nose. The fumes and chemicals are often unhealthy to inhale, and the harsh ingredients can burn or otherwise damage the inside of the nose, possibly diminishing the sense of smell.

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@ZipLine-- I use a nose hair trimmer and it works great. They're not all effective though. I had one before this that was too large and it missed most of the hairs. I paid more for the one I have now but the head is small and fits into the nostril nicely and trims everything in there. You might want to read some reviews before buying one. Some facial hair trimmers / electronic razors come with a tip that can be used for nose hair. So if you need an electronic razor, you might one to check out one of those sets.

I think a hair trimmer is the best hair removal method for nose hair. Some people pluck them with tweezers and I've tried that as well. I don't recommend it though because it's very painful. It stings for a long time.

It's not possible to wax nose hair either, so you have to either trim it with a trimmer or with scissors.


Has anyone tried a nose hair remover or trimmer device? I saw it at the store today but I wasn't sure if it would work. I just want a pain-free method for getting rid of long nose hairs.


I made the mistake of using the wrong type of scissors to remove nose hair. It was a small cosmetic scissors but it wasn't meant for nose hair. So the ends were sharp. I basically poked myself with the sharp end while trying to trim my nose hair. It wasn't a fun experience.

After that, I bought a proper nose hair scissors from the pharmacy. It's much smaller and the ends are not sharp, so it's safe. Everyone who has trouble with nose hair needs to invest in this kind of scissors. It also comes in handy for trimming eyebrows and mustache.

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