What are the Best Tips for Nipple Hair Removal?

Marco Sumayao

Nipple hair removal should be done gently and carefully because the areola’s skin is thin, sensitive, and prone to pain. The procedure can be performed at home using tweezers or hair-removal products, but certified technicians can also do permanent hair removal from the nipples with a laser. Shaving is not recommended, as an accident with a razor can cause serious injury to the nipple. Individuals should gauge the thinness or thickness of their nipple hair; thicker hair should be removed by professionals. Regardless of which method is chosen, all best tips for nipple hair removal involve preparing the skin for the process.

Tweezers may be used to remove nipple hair.
Tweezers may be used to remove nipple hair.

Prepping the skin makes the procedure as safe and pain-free as possible. The area should be disinfected with rubbing alcohol, and any nipple piercings should be removed. Experts recommend that individuals dip a cotton ball or wash cloth in warm water and apply onto the skin for two or three minutes to make hair follicles expand, allowing for smooth and quick hair removal. The area should be patted dry prior to removal.

Tweezers can be used to remove nipple hair.
Tweezers can be used to remove nipple hair.

The use of tweezers is a quick and affordable way to get rid of unwanted hair. Dipping the tweezers in rubbing alcohol helps eliminate bacteria, while a magnifying mirror helps individuals see the hairs better. Hair should be grabbed between the flat ends of the tweezers and pulled quickly and firmly in the same direction it grows. For cleaner results, nipple hairs should be removed one at a time.

Laser nipple hair removal is available at some clinics.
Laser nipple hair removal is available at some clinics.

Hair removal products are also a good option for home nipple hair removal. These products usually come in a cream or lotion form and contain ingredients that “melt” the nipple hair. Hair removal products provide the most painless solution for breast hair removal, although hair grows back faster due to the remaining hair roots.

Tweezers should be dipped in rubbing alcohol before being used to remove hair.
Tweezers should be dipped in rubbing alcohol before being used to remove hair.

Thick patches of hair around the nipples or breast should be removed by a professional aesthetician. The aesthetician can provide a waxing service, where a sticky hot or cold wax gets rid of the hair by the root. Although home waxing kits allow for this procedure to be done without assistance, experts recommend that nipple hair waxing be done by professionals, as the skin around the area is extremely tender.

Some clinics also provide a laser nipple hair removal service, a permanent solution to unwanted breast hair. A laser treatment uses a beam of concentrated light that damages hair follicles, preventing hair from ever growing in that region. When performed by a certified technician, permanent hair removal is a safe and effective option.

Nipple hair removal may cause pain.
Nipple hair removal may cause pain.

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@ddljohn-- Do you plan to remove nipple hair often? If so, then go for laser hair removal. It's a bit expensive but it will permanently get rid of your nipple hair.


@ddljohn-- It depends on the type of hair removal cream. I think some of them are not supposed to be used on the nipples. You can find this information on the label.

I've tried shaving and waxing for nipple hair (yea, I actually waxed!) Waxing is not too bad if you can tolerate pain. At least it takes a long time for the hair to come back out. Shaving is easier and painless but the hair grows very quickly so you have to do it often. Of course you have to be very careful not to cut yourself and you have to exfoliate afterward to prevent ingrown hairs.

I think either of these methods are okay, I wouldn't say that one of them is the best hair removal method. Pick the one you're most comfortable with.


I don't have a lot of hair on my nipples, about 5-6 strands on each. I tried using tweezers to remove them but it was more painful than I expected. I'm thinking of using hair removal cream. But is that safe?

Does anyone else remove nipple hair regularly? What's the best hair removal method for this sensitive area in your opinion?

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