What Are the Best Tips for Natural Looking Contact Lenses?

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Some of the best tips for natural looking contact lenses are to choose clear-colored lenses or, as a second best option, enhancement tinted lenses. Clear or tinted lenses allow the wearer’s natural eye color to shine through completely, making it difficult to determine whether a person is wearing contacts or not. Contacts with an enhanced tint enhance the color of a person’s eyes, and they can be spotted by the trained eye. In addition, there are colored contacts, which completely block out a person’s natural eye color, replacing it with the color of the contacts.

There are certain contacts to choose if a wearer does not want other people to know he or she is wearing them. It is very difficult to tell if someone is wearing non-tinted contact lenses or contact lenses with a handling tint, also called a visibility tint. The most natural looking contact lenses have no tint at all, are perfectly clear when clean, and hard to see when put into containers of contact lens solution. Most other contact lenses have lenses that are tinted, but the tint cannot be seen when the contact lens is on an eye. This tint allows the wearer to easily see the contact lenses in her containers because they are tinted a faint green or blue.


The second best kind of natural looking contact lenses has an enhancement tint. Enhancement tints do change the color of the eye, but like their name implies, they are supposed to enhance it. This kind of tint is most effective on people with light-colored eyes, but works for everyone. It does not look as natural as clear lenses or lenses with handling tints, however.

For natural looking contact lenses, it is best to avoid colored contacts. Colored contacts are made to cover a person’s entire eye color and replace it with the color the contact lens is dyed. Sometimes these colors can look unnaturally bright, and observers can tell that something is off with the eye. In addition, colored contacts come in colors that are rare or completely unnatural in human nature, such as purple, yellow, and orange.

No matter the kind of contacts, a fitting with an eye doctor is essential. Poorly fitting contact lenses can damage a person’s eyes, leading to worse vision. In addition, fittings allow users to be instructed on how to wear, remove, and clean their contacts. Knowing how to properly do these things helps prevent excessive wear and tear as well as eye infections.


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Yes Rundocuri, some tinted contact lenses look very unnatural. They are often very bright in color, which is not very common in natural eye color.

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Tinted contact lenses can make eyes look very bright and pretty, but I think the clear kind look the most natural. When you wear contacts instead of glasses, you already draw more attention to your eyes. Tinted contact lenses are not necessary, in my opinion.

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