What Are the Best Tips for Moustache Waxing?

Erin J. Hill

The process of moustache waxing will depend on the length of your moustache, the style you want, and your hair type. There are both firm holding and more flexible wax options, as well as specialized grooming supplies you can use to get a wide range of styles and looks. If you have a style in mind, start by choosing a wax that's designed to help you achieve it. If you don't know what style you want just yet, try looking through photos online or in magazines to find something you like.

Waxing is often used for upper lip hair removal.
Waxing is often used for upper lip hair removal.

Moustache waxing is not always difficult, although this will depend on how intricate your preferred style is. If you want a shorter look, trim the moustache to the length you want and use a flexible wax to hold it in place. You can comb it into place using a small moustache comb. Apply wax either beforehand and then comb it through the hair or after combing, using your fingertips to slick each hair down. Since shorter moustaches don't require as firm a hold, you can go with a moustache wax that is more flexible and less rigid.

Applying numbing cream to the area may help reduce the pain caused by waxing.
Applying numbing cream to the area may help reduce the pain caused by waxing.

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Your moustache waxing process may be more detailed if you have a very long or coarse moustache. The handlebar moustache, for instance, is a style that can be worn several inches from the face on either side. You will probably need a firmer wax in this case, and it's best to choose items that are made specifically for long moustaches.

Before you get started with any moustache waxing, you will need to make sure your moustache is neatly trimmed. Most handlebar styles require trimming just above the top lip so that the hair doesn't hang down over the mouth. Once it's trimmed in the shape you want, use a moustache brush or comb to remove any kinks or tangles from the hair and then brush it over in the direction you want. Apply the wax using your fingers and then use either a small comb or your fingers to mold the hair into place.

If you want to do more advanced moustache waxing techniques, you can use additional styling tools. Use your finger or a thin cylindrical object, such as a pencil or mini curler, to curl the tips of a longer moustache. If you don't feel comfortable doing this on your own, a barber may be able to achieve the look you want.

In some cases, moustache waxing may refer to hair removal waxing. This is a technique used to remove facial hair from the top lip, as well as other areas of the body. If you choose to perform this type of waxing, be sure you use products designed for use on the face. You can find them in most beauty supply stores or department stores. Pull waxing strips in the direction of the hair growth, and do not use wax on irritated or broken skin.

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