What are the Best Tips for Meditation for Beginners?

Amanda R. Bell

Some of the best tips for meditation for beginners include dedicating a meditation spot, limiting disturbances, and practicing at the same time every day. It can also be helpful to lightly exercise beforehand. Many mediation experts also recommend picking one technique and sticking with it, so long as the time spent meditating is both relaxing and enjoyable.

It may be helpful for meditation beginners to practice meditation at the same time every day.
It may be helpful for meditation beginners to practice meditation at the same time every day.

Choosing an appropriate meditation for beginners can be essential to making this ancient practice a daily part of life. Those learning how to meditate should pick a quite place free from distractions. This can be a spot in the home or a secluded location outdoors. There should be a comfortable place to sit, and focal pieces can be introduced to create a relaxing, personalized mediation space. Most experts suggest using the same space every day when learning how to meditate; this creates an association between the location and the act of meditating, thereby making it easier to relax and clear the mind.

In the same respect, meditating at the same time or times every day can also be helpful. Much as going to bed at the same time can help to make sleep come easier, meditating at the same time can make entering a relaxed state of mind effortless. Many beginners start with meditating once a day, and then adding more sessions as they get the hang of things. Beginning with short meditation and slowly working up is considered one of the best tips for meditation for beginners; five to 10 minutes is typically a good starting point.

Many find that doing light exercise before their regularly scheduled meditation time can help to clear the mind. A half hour of yoga is a popular choice; going for a leisurely walk is another option. This helps to expend energy, often a hindrance to meditation, while still staying in a relaxed state of mind. Strenuous exercise, known for increasing adrenaline, is often not recommend for this purpose.

There are a multitude of meditation techniques, each suitable for different personality types. Some prefer soft chanting, listening to music, or meditating in complete silence, while others prefer to use guided meditation. Instead of trying out each technique, many experts suggest researching each style, picking the one that sounds the most doable, and then sticking with it. Coupled with meditating in the same place and at the same time, this helps to train a person in the art of meditation, which is considered essential to meditation for beginners.

While meditation for beginners can be somewhat difficult at first, it should not be stressful or excessively uncomfortable. If it is, those who have practiced meditation for a long time often recommend limiting the amount of time spent in meditation, choosing another location, or waiting until one is in the right frame of mind to practice. Trying to meditate when distracted or upset is often counterproductive; while learning this art does take time, the benefits of meditation are often considered worth it.

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