What Are the Best Tips for Making Steak Fries?

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Steak fries are fried potatoes that can be made in several different ways. This type of fried potato generally consists of a larger wedge than the typical French fry. Steak fries can be seasoned or battered to give them even more flavor than other kinds of potato wedges. Those who try to limit the amount of fried foods they eat can opt for baked fries as well. Any of these varieties can be eaten plain or served with condiments such as ketchup, sour cream, or even ranch dip.

Making steak fries does not have to be difficult. Potatoes can be peeled or can be cooked with the skin on. Instead of potatoes being cut into strips, they are cut into wedges. Par-cooking before frying also helps ensure that the centers are tender without overcooking the outside.

The key, especially when making fried steak fries, is to choose potatoes that are similar in size and to cut the wedges about the same size. Obviously, they won’t be perfect if cut by hand, but as long as they are close in size, they will cook more evenly. Make sure the oil is heated before putting potatoes in it, and try to keep the oil at the same temperature. This helps keep fries from soaking up oil and becoming soggy or greasy.


Grilled or baked steak fries are also good choices and are probably a bit healthier than the fried variety. Keep in mind that they won’t be very crispy if no oil is used in the cooking process. Instead of deep-frying them, fries can be lightly brushed with a bit of olive oil. This will still add some crispness yet limit the amount of oil consumed.

The type of steak fries one chooses to make may differ depending upon the other foods he or she plans to serve with them. If the main course is highly seasoned or quite spicy, plain steak fries will probably be a better choice. For simpler main courses, seasoned or battered fries may be preferred. They can be spicy or mild, highly seasoned, or just given a bit of flavor with a sprinkling of assorted herbs.

There are a number of recipes for steak fries available online. A simple method is to use clean, unpeeled potatoes. Cut into evenly sized wedges and spread them out on a flat, prepared pan. Next, brush with oil, and season with salt and pepper. Bake at 425°F (about 218°C) for approximately 25 minutes or until the outsides are crisp and golden and the insides are tender.


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