What Are the Best Tips for Making Seafood Crepes?

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Though there are many steps to follow when making seafood crepes, but the dish is easy to make if a few key tips are followed. It is important to remember to precook the seafood filling before baking it with the crepes so that the dish cooks through. Making the crepes themselves can be a somewhat difficult, but using an evenly heated, nonstick cooking surface and a batter with the proper consistency will make the process easier.

Before assembling seafood crepes, it is important to precook the filling because the baking process will not cook it thoroughly. Onions, carrots, or other vegetables can be cooked in butter to add extra flavor or in light oil to save calories. Seafood can be poached or cooked in the vegetable mixture. If the seafood is cooked in the vegetable mixture allow the vegetables to soften before adding the seafood. Seafood can also be poached or precooked and then quickly sautéed in the vegetable mixture just enough to heat through before placing it in the crepes.


There are a number of tips that will help the crepes in seafood crepes turn out well. Properly measuring the ingredients for the batter will ensure that the batter is the correct consistency. The dry ingredients should be sifted to create space between the particles, allowing them to better combine with the wet ingredients. Mixing the dry ingredients together before adding the wet ingredients, especially if your recipe calls for baking soda or powder or any spices, will ensure that the batter is consistent throughout. Once the wet ingredients are added to the dry ones, it is important to stir them together just until they are mixed so that the batter doesn't become too stiff when it is cooked.

Crepes should be cooked on an evenly-heated, flat cooking surface. Non-stick pans allow the crepes to easily come off the pan when turning. The crepes should be allowed to cook thoroughly on each side, and should only be turned once as they are cooking. For the best flavor, the outside of the crepe should be allowed to reach a golden or caramel color.

Once the filling and crepes are cooked, assembling them into seafood crepes for baking is relatively easy. A crepe should easily wrap around the filling and then placed in a baking dish with any sauce poured over the top and sides. Baking seafood crepes in the center of an oven that has been thoroughly preheated will allow for even cooking.


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