What Are the Best Tips for Making Homemade Cereal?

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Folks have been making their own crunchy granola for decades, but savvy home cooks know that homemade cereal doesn’t have to be limited to trail mix types. In fact, recipes abound that result in yummy, crunchy breakfast treats that taste a lot like some of the famous brands. Some people like to make their own cereal because it saves money, while others point to the fact that homemade cereal is healthier. Whatever the motivation, using fresh ingredients, properly preparing the dough, and storing it correctly are tips that will come in handy.

By far the most popular type of do-it-yourself cereal is granola. Hundreds, if not thousands, of fruit, nut, and grain recipes populate the Internet and cookbooks. The wise cook knows that it isn’t necessary to follow a granola recipe to a T. Doubling up the almonds or cashews, replacing golden raisins and dried cherries, or omitting shredded coconut will simply produce variations on a theme. Granola recipes call for oil; dieters can reduce, but not eliminate, the amount of oil used and still create toasted granola with crunch.


Cornflakes, a perennial favorite in many households, can be whipped together using only cornmeal, honey, and a little oil in addition to a splash of water and a dash of salt. After the homemade cereal dough has been created using a blender, the cook needs only roll it as thin as possible into a sheet and bake it. It’s important to let the resulting giant flake cool completely before breaking it into the traditional-size flake.

It will be easy to convince the kids that cocoa-puffed homemade cereal made with popped amaranth — a high-protein grain — is a treat; they don’t need to know that this homemade cereal excludes preservatives and the high sugary content the commercial version is laden with. It’s made with maple syrup or brown rice syrup, so a little sweetening goes a very long way. The addition of golden raisins, a shake of cinnamon, and of course, cocoa powder adds to the sweet sensibility. It’s unlikely that this cereal will stick around for long, but cooks who create a double batch should be sure to store it in a sealed container to keep it crunchy.

For many new parents, making homemade baby cereal is their first foray into the world of kitchen-created cereals. The thought of letting commercial versions that contain who knows what be among baby’s first foods is enough to send some moms and pops directly to the kitchen. Homemade cereals for the youngest diners are easy to whip up in a food processor or dedicated coffee grinder capable of reducing rice, barley, or other grains to a powder. Cooking in water or milk for a few minutes is all that’s required, and of course, banana or other fruit puree only makes it better.


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Post 4

Because I am usually very busy, unfortunately, I don't have time to make my own cereal. However, I usually have time to do it during the Holidays. Around that time, every Christmas morning, my family and I always make a big breakfast, which includes homemade cereal. It's quite a process, but it saves a lot of money, it's fun to make, and it's nutritious as well. Homemade cereal is a recommendation for anyone who's a big breakfast person.

Post 3

In relation to this article, the funny thing about many cereals is that those which taste great are generally the most unhealthy. I can name a list of classic cereals from the 1990's that are advertised to be the ultimate product, but are basically nothing but sugar in the form of cereal. Also, I like how the article touches upon this issue as well.

Notice how in the fourth paragraph, it talks about how you can make your own version of Cocoa Puffs. Afterwards, it then compares it to the sugary one that's advertised on TV. Obviously, the commercials aren't going to tell you the unhealthy contents that go inside a cereal, as their job is to get you

to buy the product.

On a final note, I also find it funny how some of the healthiest cereals actually manage to taste the worse. As an example, Rice Krispies Cereal. For the most part, it tastes like nothing, but it's a very nutritious part of any breakfast. Afterwards, we have Raisin Bran, which is also a very bland but healthy cereal. Overall, it really shows that the best tasting cereals aren't always the most nutritious, and vice versa.

Post 2

While I have never made homemade cereal before, I can imagine that it would be a rather interesting experience, and even more so, one of the healthiest breakfasts around. Although there are plenty of healthy cereals that you can buy out at store, there is a lot of junk the comes with that stuff as well. For example, there are those nutritious brands such as Raisin Bran and Honey Nut Cheerios. On the other hand, you also have garbage such as Captain Crunch Cereal and Cocoa Puffs.

While there's no doubt that they taste great, on the other hand, they aren't a good part of a nutritious breakfast, especially because they're filled with so much sugar. By making your

own cereal at home, not only can you be ensured that the proper ingredients are put in, but even more so, you can also rest assured that there are no health problems as well. On a final note, one of the best benefits of making your own cereal is that you can add as much fruit as you want. This includes blueberries, strawberries, and much more.

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