What Are the Best Tips for Making Gravy with Chicken Stock?

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There are many different ways to make gravy with chicken stock, many of which use a small amount of fat, a thickening agent and added seasonings. The simplest way to make gravy with chicken stock is to combine chicken stock with a thickener like cornstarch, and let it cook down until thick and bubbly. Another recipe for chicken stock gravy is to use leftover fat from a cooked chicken or other meat, adding chicken stock and cooking over medium heat. Poultry seasoning is often added to chicken gravy to bring out the flavors, and herbs like dill or chives can also be added to create a deeper flavor complexity.

The simplest way to make gravy using chicken stock is to take a desired amount of chicken stock and bring it to a boil over medium heat on the stove. Adding a thickening agent such as flour or a mixture of cornstarch and cold water, and whisking it into the mixture while cooking, will result in a thick and creamy gravy perfect for serving over mashed potatoes or meat. At this point, flavor enhancers like salt, pepper, herbs and spices can be added to bring out the flavor of the gravy. It is important to continue stirring while cooking the gravy, as there is a good chance that the gravy can stick to the pan and burn.


When cooking chicken in a pan over the stove, chicken fat or drippings are often used for chicken gravy when combined with a thickening agent like flour and liquid like chicken stock or broth. Leftover chicken drippings or grease is cooked with flour. Then add two cups of chicken broth and bring to a simmer on medium heat over the stove. The addition of a little salt, cream and desired herbs or spices can be helpful in creating a richer and favorable gravy with chicken stock. This mixture will cook down to a thick, creamy gravy and will be reduced by half of its original volume.

Fat from any cooked meat will work well in a gravy with chicken stock; however, a tablespoon of butter or shortening can lend the same thickening effects. It is best to melt the butter or shortening first before adding the chicken stock or other ingredients. As with any gravy recipe, the chicken stock should be fresh to avoid the dull taste associated with older stocks. Adding a bit of whole milk or cream to the gravy is helpful in making it creamy and more complex in flavor and texture.


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