What Are the Best Tips for Making Feta Dip?

Angela Johnson

Feta dip can make an interesting a tasty choice for an appetizer plate because many different foods can be paired with it. There are certain ways to add to the delight that feta can give a dip. Many people include spices and other ingredients with their feta dip to help accentuate the taste, and some of the common ingredients they add include garlic, basil, or oregano. Some other ingredients cooks choose to change the flavor a bit include artichoke hearts to add a sweet sensation, zesty additions like cayenne pepper to spice the dip up, and cucumbers to tone the flavor down.

Greek yogurt, which can be used to make feta dip.
Greek yogurt, which can be used to make feta dip.

It is important to know that, when cooking with feta cheese, it melts at a slower pace than other types of cheeses. For cooking with feta that will require the use of heat, the best type to use is a drier and crumbly feta. When making feta dip, the best choice is the feta that has a slightly wet appearance, which will help the texture of the dip. It is best to add the extra ingredients to the cheese dip after it has been broken up and crumbled or smoothed. This will ensure that the flavor is distributed evenly.

Oregano is commonly found in feta dip.
Oregano is commonly found in feta dip.

Many traditional Mediterranean meals are made using feta and feta dip. A traditional Greek dip, called Tzatziki, is made with feta cheese, Greek yogurt, and cucumbers. Cooks put the entire amount of ingredients into a food processor or blender and mix them together until the dip becomes almost a liquid consistency. Many people dip pita bread, bread sticks, or nearly any other food item into this feta dip to enjoy. This is considered to be a classic Greek dish and has been made for centuries.

To add a slightly less conventional style to the feta dip, many people like to include a spicy ingredient, such as cayenne or chili pepper. It is important to add a little pepper at a time when adding any hot peppers or flavorings to a dip to avoid overheating. Too much spiciness cannot be taken out of the dip, but not adding enough can always be remedied. A great tip to ensure that the dip is smooth and creamy is to add a little bit of Greek yogurt to the feta dip because it will not change the flavor but will create a good consistency.

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