What Are the Best Tips for Making Eggless Cookie Dough?

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When following a vegan diet or for those with allergies to eggs, making cookie dough may be difficult; fortunately, there are a number of eggless cookie dough recipes that can be prepared that will still taste great. In most cases, preparing eggless cookie dough is not hard at all. Some cookie dough recipes can simply be modified by changing the amounts of milk and margarine to make up for the lack of eggs, but not if they will be baked, and only if they will be eaten raw as a snack. Others may require a vegan egg substitute to get a better taste and texture when baking. It may also be necessary to adjust baking time, so be sure to read the recipe carefully.

Many people like to make cookie dough and then simply eat it as a snack without baking it. As a general rule, it is a good idea to make eggless cookie dough for this purpose, regardless of dietary needs or preferences, because raw eggs can contain salmonella and easily cause food poisoning. Pregnant women should certainly never eat raw eggs. For making eggless cookie dough simply to eat raw as a snack like this, simply omit the eggs and increase the amount of milk in the mixture. Some recommend decreasing the amount of margarine as well for a better taste. Remember, though, these cookie dough recipes will not turn out well if they are baked.


For those who actually want to bake their cookies before consuming them, eggless cookie dough will generally require an egg substitute. These are available in grocery stores, and are produced in a liquid form, but generally work well in cookie recipes with some slight modifications. Corn starch may sometimes also be used as a way to make eggless cookie dough.

It is important to follow the recipe to the letter when preparing eggless cookie dough, as these recipes are less forgiving. Usually altering the eggs will require altering the measurements of other ingredients as well, and may slightly change the taste and texture. It will also likely change the baking time, so be sure to watch the cookies while they are baking to be sure they don't burn. It may take a little bit of trial and error to get a recipe that works, but it will be worth it in the end for vegans, or those with egg allergies to be able to enjoy homemade treats.


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