What Are the Best Tips for Making an Eggless Waffle?

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Making an eggless waffle may require a few adjustments to the temperature of the waffle iron and to the cooking time. A cook may decide to replace the egg in an eggless waffle with an ingredient that binds and leavens, such as bananas or a commercially made egg replacer. As with standard waffles, the batter shouldn't be overmixed. More fat may be needed if the waffle clings to the waffle iron.

Eggs commonly act as binders in baked goods, and waffles are no exception. When preparing an eggless waffle, the waffle may split when the cook opens the waffle iron, because the batter didn't get a chance to bind together and is too soft. Adding starch or a commercially made egg replacer can result in a waffle that remains intact. Some cooks use ground flax seeds as a replacement for eggs in waffles.

Some egg substitutes, such as banana or applesauce, make the batter too wet and result in a mushy waffle. To compensate for this, a cook may add a bit more flour to the batter. The waffle may also require a longer cooking time.

An eggless waffle usually takes a few minutes longer to cook than a regular waffle. The waffle may stick to the iron if it hasn't cooked through yet. When making egg-free waffles, the waffles should be left in the iron for a minute or two after the iron indicates that the waffle is ready.


Another reason why an eggless waffle may stick to the iron is because there is not as much fat in it as in a regular waffle. To make up for this, a cook can add a small amount of oil to the batter. She may also want to coat the iron itself with a thin layer of oil or a non-stick cooking spray.

Adjusting the temperature of the waffle iron can result in crispier, egg-free waffles. A higher temperature cooks the surface of the waffle better. Adding a bit of granulated sugar to the batter can also produce a crispier waffle.

When making eggless waffles, the cook should be gentle with the batter. Waffle batter that is overmixed results in a tough, chewy waffle rather than a light and crispy one. To mix waffle batter, a cook should gently fold the flour and dry ingredients into the wet. The batter shouldn't be perfectly smooth once mixed, and a few lumps of flour are ideal.


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Spray the top of the waffle batter with cooking spray before you close the lid. The waffles won't stick.

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