What Are the Best Tips for Making a DIY Metal Roof?

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A DIY metal roof is a good choice for many buildings, but as is the case with any DIY project, the builder will need to do a fair amount of research into the materials and the installation process before beginning the project. It is important to ensure all the proper tools and equipment are on site during the project; this means the builder may need to rent or buy tools beforehand. The builder should also keep in mind that he or he may need to remove the old roof before installing the DIY metal roof; this is not always the case, but if it is, a dumpster will need to be rented for disposal of old shingles.

Much to the surprise of many builders, a DIY metal roof is not any more difficult to install than a shingle roof, and it can actually be a lighter choice than asphalt shingles. Metal roofing usually comes in pre-cut panels, which means the installation process may also be quicker than the installation process for asphalt shingles. It will be important to price out the panels before beginning the DIY metal roof; this can be done by measuring the roof and figuring out how many panels will be necessary to complete the job.


It is important to remember that a DIY metal roof project is likely to require two or more people. Working on a roof can be dangerous and difficult, so all safety measures should be observed whenever possible. Never work in inclement weather, and never work on a roof alone. Ladders should be positioned properly and solidly to prevent them from falling during use, and whenever possible, a spotter should stand at the base of the ladder when a builder is climbing up.

Choosing the appropriate hardware for installation of the DIY metal roof is also important. Either screws or nails can be used to install the panels; nails will be less expensive than screws, but screws will have a higher resistance to pull-out forces. The nails and screws can be color-matched to the panels to create a cleaner aesthetic, but again, the builder should be prepared to pay more for color-matched hardware. It is important to use galvanized hardware that will resist rust, rot, and corrosion. This will increase the longevity of the DIY metal roof and will prevent unsightly rust streaks after rain storms or snow melt-off. Galvanized roof panels should also be used for longevity and aesthetic appeal as well.


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Post 2

@raynbow- You are right, metal roofs are more popular than ever. There are several reasons that many people forgo shingles and install metal roofing when it is time to replace or update their roofs.

Covering your roof with metal is more affordable than using shingles. It also lasts longer, and may only need occasional painting when a traditional shingle roof may need total replacement. Finally, metal roofs are not that hard to install.

I live in a neighborhood where most of the homeowners have chosen to replace their old shingled roofs with metal roofing. Since it became so popular to do this, the neighbors got together and helped each other out each time someone was ready to install a metal roof. This is a great idea for people who have others in their area that want to replace old roofing with metal because also allows them to save money on labor.

Post 1

It seems like more people than ever before are opting for metal roofs over traditional shingles. Does anyone know if they last as long as shingled roofs, and are they harder to install?

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