What Are the Best Tips for Making a DIY Closet Organizer?

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A DIY, or do it yourself, closet organizer may be made from scratch using tools and raw materials, or they can be constructed using kits sold at retail stores. Many manufacturers now market closet organizers as DIY kits because the consumer needs to assemble the units and modify them in some instances to fit the needs of that consumer. These kits are inexpensive and usually fairly easy to install with a minimal amount of tools, but a consumer with some carpentry knowledge may be able to make a more attractive and functional DIY closet organizer from scratch.

The best way to start making a DIY closet organizer is to measure the closet space and determine the storage needs. Once measurements have been taken of the entire closet space, it is a good idea to make a rough sketch of the closet and determine where each feature of the DIY closet organizer will go. Some features to consider include hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and shoe organizers. Tie racks and belt racks are useful, too, as are hanging mirrors if the closet space is large enough to accommodate one. This rough sketch can be altered as necessary to find the most convenient configuration for the DIY closet organizer.


Once the design is settled, it will be necessary to create a budget for the project. Higher-end materials such as hardwoods will cost more money than cheaper softwoods, though there are benefits to choosing hardwoods: they are naturally strong, attractive, and resistant to water damage and bug infestation. A wood like cedar is also very fragrant, which can be a pleasant addition to the closet space. Don't forget to include hardware such as screws, hinges, and handles in the budget, as well as any rails for drawers or hanging rod hardware. If any tools need to be purchased or rented, these expenses should be noted in the overall budget as well.

Depending on the size of the closet, it might be a good idea to add lights to the DIY closet organizer. These lights do not need to be fancy or expensive — some lights simply press onto walls using adhesives — but remember that more shelving and drawers means less available light in the closet space. Think carefully about where lights should be mounted to ensure all parts of the closet can be seen clearly. This will add some cost to the project, but the level of convenience may be worth the extra money.


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Post 3

@spotiche5- Another easy way to organize a large closet is with two bars for hanging clothes and some stackable bins. These items are easy to find at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Place one bar high in the closet for items like coats and jackets. Install the other one lower for pants and shirts. This method will double the hanging space in the closet.

Use the stackable bins for shoes and accessories, and slide them behind your clothes. You will find this DIY closet organization system to be easy to do and easy on your budget.

Post 2

@spotiche5- The fact that you have a large area in your closet is a big plus, and means that you have a lot of space to work with as you get organized. A few simple items are all you will need for this DIY project.

A few boards, hooks, a hammer, brackets and nails will help you make your closet a more organized space. Place your boards in a row on the back wall of your closet with the brackets. Use them for shelves that you can use to store shoes and to place folded shirts, pants, jeans, and sweaters.

Put the hooks on the other side of the closet for items that you want to hang up, such as jackets and belts. You will find that with these few simple additions to your closet, you will be able to get organized without spending much money.

Post 1

I need to organize a large closet, but I don't have a lot of money to spend on the project. Right now, I just have a large open space with no shelves or drawers. What are some good ways to make spaces for items like shoes, coats, and accessories without spending a lot of money?

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