What Are the Best Tips for Leaf Blower Repair?

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Like other pieces of machinery, a leaf blower is likely to encounter a breakdown or damage at some point during its use. This means, of course, that leaf blower repair will be necessary. Such repairs can sometimes be done at home. In other instances, it may be necessary to farm out the leaf blower repair to a professional. Before any repairs are undertaken, it is a wise idea to check with any manufacturer's warranties to find out if the damage is covered. The manufacturer may repair or replace the unit free of charge if the damage is due to a manufacturer's defect.

If the damage is not covered by warranty, leaf blower repair will be necessary and the consumer has two options: attempting the repair himself or herself or taking it to a small engine shop to get repaired. If attempting leaf blower repair at home, the first step should be clearing out a well lit and spacious workspace. Next, it will be important to disconnect the power source of the unit; this may mean unplugging the unit or detaching spark plugs from an engine. This will prevent the engine from starting during the repair and potentially causing injuries or damage.


All repairs should start with an in-depth assessment of the overall condition of the unit. It is important to determine the cause of the problem, which might be as simple as a clog in the air tube, or as complex as a seized motor. It is a good idea to start the leaf blower repair with simpler repair options, such as clearing debris from blower tubes. This is also a good opportunity to clean the rest of the machine, as working on a clean piece of equipment is almost always easier than working on a filthy piece of machinery.

Consult any manufacturer's diagrams or repair manuals for diagnostic procedures and repair instructions. While most manuals won't include repair instructions, diagnostic information may be present and may help the owner figure out what is wrong with the machine. If repair instructions can be found, the process of repairing the machine will be much easier. Otherwise, the owner will need to figure out the repair steps on his or her own; if the owner does not have any mechanical skills or experience, this can be difficult or impossible. With some skills, however, the owner can perform basic repairs, but it will be necessary to assemble all the proper tools beforehand and keep track of parts as they are removed from the unit.


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