What Are the Best Tips for Law Firm Marketing?

Misty Amber Brighton

The right marketing tools are important for any business, and this includes law firms. One of the things that can help with law firm marketing is to make sure the attorneys there are known to the public. This can be done in a number of ways, including acting as a speaker at public events, writing articles for a local newspaper, or teaching at a community college. Other marketing strategies involve placing advertisements in law directories and telephone books. It can also be helpful to keep in contact with previous clients by sending cards in the mail from time to time.

Placing advertisements in telephone books is one method of law firm marketing.
Placing advertisements in telephone books is one method of law firm marketing.

Getting people to become familiar with a certain law office can be difficult, especially if the practice is fairly new. One way of showcasing attorneys could be by having them interface with the public at community events. If a lawyer could act as a keynote speaker for a certain group, those who attend may remember her and want to call that office if legal advice is ever needed.

Another law firm marketing technique that can get an attorney's name out could be in written form. If a local newspaper would be willing to allow an attorney to write a guest column on a legal topic that is interesting to community members, readers would be exposed to the law firm in that way. Another marketing strategy could be teaching at a community college so that students become familiar with the expertise of a particular lawyer.

One law firm marketing technique is publication in a number of directories. This could include law directories as well as the local telephone book. Some marketing approaches could also include placing television and radio advertisements or renting billboards.

One of the more frequently overlooked marketing tools for a law office is sending out cards. This could be thank-you cards for recent clients, birthday cards for long-established ones, or Christmas cards for everyone who has been served by the law firm during the year. Letting clients know they are appreciated can go a long way toward them recommending an attorney to others.

Law firm marketing would not be complete without the use of business cards. An attorney should have several printed up for herself as well as her staff members. Whenever she meets someone new, she can hand out the card so that people will be aware of the law firm. Her employees could do so as well, and this is often more effective because people are more willing to hand out business cards with their own name rather than someone else's.

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