What are the Best Tips for Laundry Storage?

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The best tips for laundry storage include being consistent with the container materials because accomplishing this can create a pulled-together, organized look in a typically small space. It's essential to have some type of storage area for everything needed in the laundry room, or piles of laundry and a mishmash of detergent bottles can give the space a chaotic look. The best way to plan the storage design for a laundry area is to actually be in the room so you can see that both the system and containers used make sense. A good way to organize laundry storage is to think in terms of work areas such as sorting, pre-treating, washing, drying and folding.

If you have a larger laundry space, you could use separate containers for dark, bright, white and delicate clothing and linens on the floor near your washer and dryer. Another idea is to place these sorting containers on a metal utility shelf for dirty laundry storage until it's time to wash each load. If you label the containers, it's simple to keep things organized as well as see how many items there will be per load. Clean, folded clothing and linens could also be placed on the shelving unit, although it's best to keep it on a different shelf than the dirty laundry.


For the dirty and clean laundry containers, try to keep everything as uniform as possible to create an organized appearance. Depending on your preference and budget, you could choose plastic, wicker or metal containers for the laundry storage. If there is a sink in the laundry room, this makes a good pre-treating area for rinsing clothing or for applying a stain remover and letting the item sit for the amount of time specified on the product label.

Storage for stain removers, detergent, bleach, dryer sheets and the like is best done in a closed shelf or other unit. The best location is as close as to where they are used as possible, and this is typically near the washing machine and dryer. Many people find that a cabinet placed over the washer and dryer works well to hold laundry storage for assorted products. Don't place the cabinet too high though or the items may be difficult to access easily.

Some kind of table or counter for folding washed and dried items is essential in any laundry room. One of the best tips for small laundry spaces is to use a folding table that can be stored away when not in use to save room. If a traditional table is used in the room for folding, extra laundry storage can often fit underneath it if it's placed in an attractive container that matches the other ones in the space.


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