What are the Best Tips for Installing a Steam Shower?

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Installing a steam shower can seem like a daunting task, and it can be at times. A few professional tips can make this project much easier, and it will ensure a satisfying end result. When purchasing a steam shower unit, one should purchase the extra warranty that is available, always waterproof the entire area where the steam shower will be installed, pour a concrete shower pan and always tile and grout the shower. Following these tips will save someone time — and numerous headaches — at a later date.

When installing a steam shower, the first step that should be taken is choosing the shower unit that will be used. The specifications on the box or those rattled off by the salesperson might not be fully accurate, so one should always purchase the extended warranty that is offered. After the unit is installed, one might find that it is not be the correct unit for the job. The extended warranty will guarantee that the steam shower can be taken back and exchanged for a unit that is more suited for a particular spot or application.


Waterproofing the walls when installing a steam shower is one of the most important steps because it prevents moisture damage, which in turn can cause mold and fungus growth in the room. Basic cement backer boards are the best materials for this job. They should be attached to the face of the walls and floor in the shower and attached place with nails, making sure that the nails do not go through the top skin of the cement board. A waterproof membrane paint should be applied in order to finish up the installation of the waterproofing material.

The third tip that needs to be noted when installing a steam shower is that a concrete shower pan should be poured instead of using the plastic or fiberglass models that are available at most home improvement outlet stores. A form that includes a hole for the drain should be built and set into place. The concrete should be poured into the form, and the top edges should be smoothed as it fills, making sure that all spills are cleaned up immediately. The concrete shower pan will guarantee that water does not leak into the surrounding floor and walls and will ensure that the drain pipe is seated correctly.

Tiling and grouting the entire area when installing a steam shower is the final tip that has to be followed. This adds another layer onto the cement board that was previously installed, which increases the look of the shower as well as raising the waterproofing success of the project. Adding tile and grout to the floor and walls can be very time consuming, but slowing down and paying attention to detail will make the job easier. This stage should never be rushed or skipped.


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