What are the Best Tips for Installing a Bathtub?

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Before installing a bathtub, the homeowner needs to do a fair amount of research to figure out which tub design will work best in that specific bathroom. He or she will want to consider size and the materials used to construct the tub, and the specific steps for installation of the different types of tubs. The process of installing a bathtub is not difficult, but in order to do it properly, the person doing the installing will need to invest in the proper tools before hand to ensure each step can be done properly. All necessary tools for installing a bathtub should be on site before installation begins.

Consider materials first and foremost, as the type of tub chosen will determine the steps necessary for installing a bathtub. A cast iron tub, for example, may require that the floor be reinforced before the tub is put into place, while tubs made from lighter materials will not require this step. Cast iron is extremely heavy, which can make the installation process exceptionally difficult, but using cast iron will ensure the tub will last a very long time without being damaged or requiring replacement. Acrylic tubs and fiberglass tubs are easier to install, but they require more maintenance and may need to be positioned in the bathroom to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


It is important to think carefully about the size of the tub when installing a bathtub, not only to determine what size will fit in the bathroom, but also to figure out what size tub will be able to be transported into the bathroom. Many tubs tend to be quite large and unwieldy, which means the homeowner may not be able to fit the tub through the door of the bathroom or maneuver it once it is in the room. The homeowner should consider bathtubs that come in several pieces for smaller bathrooms; the tub and the surrounding materials are sometimes packaged separately to address this very issue. Narrower doorways and smaller bathrooms may prohibit cast iron tubs from being transported into the room at all, so the homeowner should be careful to take accurate measurements before purchasing a tub.

Caulking is an important step in installing a bathtub and it should be done properly with the correct tools. The homeowner should be sure to purchase a quality caulking gun that can control the flow of caulk through the application tip, and he or she should purchase a caulk tool that can press the caulk neatly into place. One should remember that a proper caulking job can be the difference between a long lasting installation and a significant amount of maintenance and repair due to rot and mold.


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