What Are the Best Tips for Improving Computer Skills?

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One of the easiest ways to improve computer skills is to enroll in a community college course that will teach the skills needed to operate a computer properly, but the student will need to invest time and money into the course in order to get the most out of it. If classes are not offered locally, it is possible to enroll in online courses that focus on improving computer skills, but before the student enrolls in such classes, he or she will need to determine what skills need development.

Some courses focus on only one computer program or group of programs, while others focus on broader computer skills. A potential student will need to assess his or her current ability level and determine goals for taking classes. Some students will need specific computer skills that focus on a particular program or process, while others may want to improve general skills to make themselves more marketable as a potential employee. Choosing the most appropriate course will ensure the student has the opportunity to learn relevant skills.


If classes are not an option, it is possible to improve computer skills by learning from more experienced friends or family members who have a solid understanding of the skills one needs to learn. Try to tap the knowledge of a friend or family member who is patient and able to explain complex concepts clearly. Sometimes the person who knows the most about computer topics is not the best teacher, which means both the teacher and student can become frustrated quickly. It helps to learn from someone who has knowledge in particular computer skills but is also patient enough to explain them, sometimes repeatedly.

Books and manuals are available at bookstores or libraries as well. If the person in need of skills development is a good reader or able to follow step-by-step directions fairly easily, such books or manuals are probably a good choice. Books are available for broader topics in computer skills, while others may focus more on specific skills, programs, or techniques. Advanced users may want to consider more complex manuals, or even approaching computer professionals about a possible internship or entry-level position. This is a particularly good option for any person who is a visual or hands-on learner; many of the skills needing development can be learned in a job setting under the guidance of a more experienced professional.


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Post 2
@Terrificli -- good point but I can't agree that community colleges are worthless in this regard. Some are better than others on keeping current.

In a lot of community colleges, the people involved in teaching community skills only do that part time. The rest of the time, they make their livings in the tech industry.

In other words, those are the very people you mentioned who are up on current technology trends. They not only know those trends, they know how to teach marketable skills to students. That's a great combination and just the one that students need.

Post 1

One of the best ways to improve computer skills doesn't involve community colleges or anything of the kind. That is because, quite often, skills that are valuable in the tech industry change rapidly and college curricula are kind of hit and miss when it comes to keeping current.

Instead of relying on an institution, get acquainted with some people who work in the tech industry. They will know what skills are marketable and can offer some advice on how to acquire those skills.

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