What Are the Best Tips for Home Alarm Installation?

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Many people choose to complete a home alarm installation to protect themselves, loved ones, and personal belongings from being burglarized or harmed. When installed correctly, home alarms have proven to be a very effective deterrent against burglars. Some people choose to install a home alarm themselves, whereas others choose to use a professional installer. Installation tips include effectively choosing where to install alarm sensors, hiding wires, and placement of the alarm’s siren.

If affordable, installation of alarm sensors at every door and every window on the home property is the best way to ensure optimum coverage. Many security companies even suggest installing alarm sensors at every possible entrance and exit, but this can become costly. When home owners only want to install a minimal amount of alarm sensors, they must choose the probable entrances and exits that intruders would use. Most times, this will include all exterior doorways and all large windows, especially those windows located on the first floor of the home.


Installing and hiding wires sometimes seems to be the most daunting task associated within a home alarm installation. Some people choose to pull up carpeted areas or baseboards and run the wires under or behind them. When this isn't possible, running wires into an attic through interior or exterior walls is a good tip to follow. While in the process of building a home is the best time to install wires so that they can easily be hidden within the walls of the home. In the event that holes have to be made into walls to run the wires, patching and painting the holes can make it look as if they were never made.

Effectively choosing where to place an alarm’s siren is vital in ensuring that the alarm will deter intruders. If the siren is not heard, the intruder most likely will not leave the premises. The best spot to place the siren is from the most central location found within a home to be sure that it will be heard from every room within the home. It is also important to remember that the siren’s location will have to be near an electrical outlet so that it can be plugged in.


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