What Are the Best Tips for Holding a Fundraiser for Kids?

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Holding a fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a particular group, individual, or cause, but sometimes involving kids in the process can be difficult. A fundraiser for kids can be a smooth process, however, especially if organizers have a plan for keeping the kids engaged and invested in the project. It is best to choose a fundraiser for kids that will not be too complex to organize and run; selling products is generally an easy fundraiser, and supplies for such events can be procured easily. Running a tournament or activity can be more complex, but such events are good ways to keep kids engaged.

Making each child responsible for some portion of the fundraiser for kids is an important and easy way to keep the kids engaged. Selling goods, for example, gives the kids the opportunity to engage with the public, as long as they are being monitored by adults. Most kids are reward-motivated, so a good way to conduct the fundraiser for kids is to have the kids take part in a sales competition that offers prizes depending on how many units a child sells. Rewards can be as simple as a recognition certificate, or more enticing such as t-shirts, toys, books, games, or candy.


While it is very important to involve kids in the fundraising process, remember that most children do not have the attention span for long hours of fundraising. They will get restless, which means it will fall to adults to conduct the real legwork of the fundraiser for kids. Fundraising should be done in short stints when kids are involved, thereby giving the kids a sense of responsibility for the project without burning them out too quickly. The fundraiser should also be held in a controlled environment, as children often like to move around or play. For example, parking lots can be dangerous places to hold a fundraiser for kids because cars will be moving through the space.

Try to choose a type of fundraiser that will interest the kids, as well as one that will be appropriate for the specific age group. While a casino night can be a fun fundraiser for adults, it is certainly not an appropriate choice for children. Golf fundraisers are also great ideas, but not if children will be involved. Think about kids' games, activities, and goods that will appeal both to children and parents.


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