What Are the Best Tips for Hiring a Camper Van?

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Hiring a camper van can be an attractive concept due to the cost and ease of use, though it is important to consider a number of factors that relate both to camper vans and traveling in recreational vehicles (RVs). The most important factor to consider when choosing a camper van is the size and layout, as there will need to be enough sleeping space for the number of people. Other amenities, such as built-in shower facilities and generators, should also be considered. In addition to the vehicle itself, it is important to consider the trip when hiring a camper van. It can be a good idea to become familiar with the local laws regarding primitive camping and to make campground reservations well in advance during the peak season.

Camper vans are often known as class B motorhomes, and they are essentially modified vans. Since these vehicles tend to have a similar footprint to unmodified, full-sized vans, it is usually easier to maneuver them through cities and in traffic, and they can often be parked in regular spaces. All of these factors can make hiring a camper van an attractive idea to people who lack experience with recreational vehicles, though there are still important factors to consider.


When hiring a camper van, it is a good idea to select an interior layout that will work well for the people who will be using it. Most camper vans have sleeping space for up to four people, though some can fit six or more. Interior sleeping space is important if there is any chance of rain or other inclement weather, though these small RVs typically lack much daytime living space.

Another important item to consider when hiring a camper van is insurance. Personal insurance often extends to rental vehicles, though camper vans can be very expensive and may exceed the limits on some policies. It is a good idea to verify whether a personal policy will cover the rental vehicle, and it may be wise to obtain supplemental insurance, especially in countries where many of the other drivers are uninsured.

In most European countries, it is legal to pull a camper van into any parking spot and stay the night. Some countries have laws against this practice, and certain municipalities have their own regulations. Many cities in the United States have prohibitions against this type of primitive overnight camping, which is sometimes referred to as boondocking. Before traveling through an area, it is a good idea to verify whether it is permissible to camp in non-campground areas. Campgrounds typically do not require reservations, though they often fill up well in advance during peak summer months.


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