What are the Best Tips for Healthy Eyes?

Taking care of one's eyes should be an enduring commitment if the individual wants to ensure a lifetime of healthy eyes and vision. Basic ways to establish better eye health involve scheduling routine eye examinations and paying attention to general signs of trouble or deterioration. There are other preventative measures to ensure healthy eyes, such as avoiding touching the eye with an unclean hand to guard against eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Healthy eyes begins at an early age, so it's important for parents not to neglect a toddler's eyesight.

From the time a child is old enough to begin school, it is wise for parents to have her eyes examined by an optometrist. The eye doctor can ensure the child's vision is up to standards and is not experiencing a potential problem that might need correction or prescription eyeglasses. Having routine eye exams during every school year is typically recommended.

Eye injuries related to high-risk jobs can be serious if proper safety measures aren't met. This is why it is crucial for workers to wear protective eyewear when using certain tools and machinery or when hazardous materials are involved. Such materials can become lodged within the eye without proper protection. For welders and machinists who work around metal and other loose debris, eye protection is typically required. If these needs aren't met and a worker sustains injury to an eye, permanent damage or blindness could result.

Another common sense tip to ensure healthy eyes is being aware of potential damage one can incur from the sun. Remembering to not intentionally stare into the sun is a good rule for everyone to abide by. The retina within the eye could become damaged by the harmful effects of the sun's strong rays. On particularly sunny days, it's a good idea especially for individuals with light-colored eyes to wear sunglasses with strong ultraviolet (UV) protection.

Ocular problems can affect almost anyone, but basic knowledge on how to care for one's eyes in a sensible way can avoid problems later on. Sometimes the simplest course of action can have a positive effect on vision and eye health. Simple tips, such as not contaminating contact lenses with dirt or never placing them down outside of a protective sleeve or case, can help to maintain healthy eyes. Even eating a healthy diet can be constructive. For the most part, healthy eyes can be an obtained through routine maintenance, good judgment and putting safety first.

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