What Are the Best Tips for Hair Dryer Repair?

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If a hair dryer fails to work, there are a few obvious problems that can be ruled out fairly quickly. The first step in hair dryer repair is to clean out any dust or debris from the back. If cleaning out the back produces no results, the next step is to plug the cord into another outlet to rule out the possibility that there is a problem with the outlet the appliance is plugged into. Sometimes blow dryers overheat and turn themselves off automatically, so it might be also be a good idea to allow it to sit for a few hours so it can cool down and then try turning it on again later. If everything else fails to work, it might be necessary to use a small screwdriver and open up the blow dryer and check for problems with the fan, motor or various switches.


Almost all blow dryers have filters near the back that suck in air so they can effectively blow air out to aid in drying. These filters catch a lot of dust and lint as air is sucked inside, and too much of this can cause dryers to either stop working completely or have much less power. The first step in hair dryer repair is usually to take something small, such as tweezers or a bobby pin, and clean the dust out as thoroughly as possible. It's important to make sure the appliance is completely turned off and unplugged before this is attempted to avoid the possibility of electrocution. After the back is cleaned out, the dryer can be turned back on to see if it is working properly again.

It's also a good idea to check the outlet into which the hair dryer is plugged. Many outlets have a small red button just underneath the plug-in areas, and pushing this button can reset the outlet. For any small appliance that has stopped working, doing this might be enough to make it work again, in which case hair dryer repair would be unnecessary. If resetting an outlet fails to work, it might be a good idea to plug something else into it and check to see whether the entire outlet is faulty or whether the problem is related to the hair dryer itself.

Blow dryers occasionally get too hot, and most of them have automatic shut-offs that are triggered when this happens, which reduces the possibility of fire. If a dryer has shut itself off automatically, it might be impossible to get it to come back on until it cools down. Many people do not realize that many small appliances have automatic shut-offs, so someone might mistakenly believe that his or her hair dryer is broken and discard it. This is why it's a good idea to wait a few hours and then try turning a hair dryer on again before throwing it away, because it might come back on later, after it has had a chance to cool down.

If all else fails, it might be necessary to unscrew the housing of a hair dryer and check the interior. Sometimes hair dryer repair involves replacing heating elements, fans, motors or switches. Damage to these areas is sometimes obvious, but at other times, it is more difficult to pinpoint. It might be possible to order replacement parts for any damaged components direct from the manufacturer, but putting them in place could be a tedious job unless a person has experience in small appliance repair. In general, most of these appliances are not terribly expensive, and it might be cheaper to replace one than to repair it, depending on how much the small parts cost.


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