What Are the Best Tips for Growing Stubble?

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Maintenance and upkeep are important when growing stubble to maintain a well-groomed and tidy look. Stubble must look like it is intended to be there rather than a result of running late in the morning. It should be of a consistent length all over the face, achieved with a beard trimmer set to a low grade. The stubble area should be clearly defined, with the neck and cheeks clean shaven for a sophisticated look.

Having stubble does not mean less work due to not having to shave. Growing stubble is easy, but maintaining it can take a lot of work. The beard should be grown out for a few days — typically three to four days should be sufficient. Once the stubble is grown out, it can be trimmed to maintain the length.

Investing in a good beard trimmer will help maintain an even length of stubble. Even pressure should be applied all over the face when using the beard trimmer, as pressing harder on certain areas of the face can create patchiness where the hairs are shorter.

When growing stubble, the shape of the area should be well defined, helping to provide a clean cut, tidy look, especially for people who work in formal settings. Keeping the neck and cheeks well shaved will make the distinction that the stubble is intentional, rather than several days growth of unshaven facial hair.


Using a hair shampoo and conditioner on growing stubble can help to keep it soft and conditioned, and less prickly. The facial skin should be moisturized with a good moisturizer that is applied twice a day to help soften skin. This can help to protect against shaving rash when growing stubble.

Moisturizers containing aloe vera can help calm and soothe skin. Having softer skin also guards against ingrown hairs, allowing them to break through more easily. A facial scrub also helps hairs to break through the skin, as well as creating a more youthful appearance.


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When you go with the stubble look, it also helps to use astringent on your face. This is an easy way to clean deep into your pores, soften the stubble, and to condition your skin.

You can buy a commercial brand name astringent for your face, or you can use a natural one. If you prefer to use natural products, witch hazel is the perfect astringent for you.

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