What Are the Best Tips for Growing out Gray Hair?

B. Miller

Growing out gray hair can be a good way to let the beautiful, natural hair color shine through; more and more men and women are finding that rather than coloring hair to look younger, allowing gray hair to grow out allows them to age gracefully. There are a few different ways to do this to make the process itself less noticeable, however, as it can take a while before the hair becomes completely gray. Of course, the first way is to simply let the hair grow, though this will be noticeable. Stylists often recommend regularly adding lowlights to the hair when attempting growing out gray hair, which will make the rest of the hair blend better. Cutting the hair very short and then simply letting it grow out is another way.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The method an individual chooses for growing out gray hair is a personal choice based on one's comfort level with the process. Generally, people who want to grow out gray hair have been coloring it for a little while, so simply allowing it to grow will first lead to the appearance of gray roots, which may eventually cause the rest of the hair to look patchy. Some people don't care about this, while others want to minimize the appearance that the hair is actually growing out. In this case, cutting the hair very short will allow it to all grow out in a more uniform way; however, since this might require a drastic change in appearance, some people prefer a different route.

Asking a hairstylist for advice on growing out gray hair is a good place to begin. Depending on an individual's natural hair color and length, a stylist might recommend simply adding lowlights to the hair, to make the rest of the hair appear more uniform with the grays. Other stylists might recommend lightening the hair overall; for instance, dying the hair a light blond color. This will make it much less noticeable as the hair grows out, and the color can even continue to be lightened until it matches the now natural shade of gray.

For people who are especially self conscious when trying growing out gray hair, another option is to wear a wig. It will be necessary to purchase a fairly high quality wig to make it less noticeable, but it will hide the growing out process. However, it will probably be a bit more surprising for others when an individual simply stops wearing the wig one day and has a full head of gray hair. Again, the method an individual chooses to grow out his or her hair is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Some people start to grow out their hair and then realize they don't like the way it looks after all, and start dying it again, which is fine too.

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That is a nice story Heavanet. For many women and some men, letting gray hair grow out feels very liberating. For other people, covering their gray is just a part of their grooming needs and they would not be comfortable with gray hair.


Last year my mother decided that she wanted to stop coloring her gray hair so she could enjoy her natural hair. She colored it one last time with a lighter color than she usually used. By doing this, it was less noticeable as her gray hair grew out and the colored part was gradually trimmed away. She looks very nice, and is happy about not having to fuss with hair coloring every few weeks.

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