What are the Best Tips for Growing Grass?

G. Wiesen

When it comes to growing grass, a grower should properly prepare the area in which the grass seeds are being planted, which usually requires tilling, fresh soil and fertilizer, and planting the seeds at the right time of year. The area should also be properly watered after planting the seeds to ensure an effective amount of moisture and promote grass growth. There are additional considerations someone should keep in mind when growing grass, such as how water might run off from nearby structures and the use of hay to protect grass seeds.

A healthy lawn.
A healthy lawn.

Growing grass, even from seed, is a relatively simple process, though it can require a good amount of work for success. One of the biggest factors regarding the success of grass growth is the condition of the soil in which the grass seeds are placed. Someone planting grass in an area for the first time should remove any weeds and large rocks, then test the pH balance of the soil and adjust this if necessary to ensure the soil is a healthy environment for growing grass.

A rototiller can simplify the grass-growing process.
A rototiller can simplify the grass-growing process.

The soil should then be tilled, and the use of a rototiller can greatly simplify the entire process of growing grass. Once tilled, the soil can then be mixed with fertilizer and soil additives if necessary to bring the pH level into a good range for grass seeds. The area should be leveled, often through the use of a rake, and the grass seeds should then be spread throughout the area. Once the seeds are down, the soil can be lightly tilled again to ensure the seeds are slightly covered, and the soil around the newly planted seeds should be lightly watered to ensure proper moisture and promote the growing grass.

Different types of grass grow best at different times of year, so anyone growing grass should consult someone knowledgeable on local grass growing conditions. Late summer or early fall is often a good time to plant certain types of grass seeds, as this avoids the intense heat of summer and gets the seeds in place prior to freezing. It is typically impossible to plant grass seeds in winter, or whenever the ground is frozen, since the ground needs to be tilled while planting.

Anyone growing grass should also consider how water flows through the area in which the seeds are planted. Intense rain or water runoff from nearby structures can wash away seeds and potentially create bald areas once the grass begins to grow. Laying hay down over the seeds can help keep the seeds from being moved by high wind or water.

It's important to water grass in dry weather.
It's important to water grass in dry weather.

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A mistake some people make is over fertilizing their lawns. I was told by the guy at the lawn and garden center that I should fertilize twice a year at the most. He recommended I fertilize my lawn once at the beginning of growing season in early spring, and then again in late fall before the cold weather arrives.


@Laotionne - Some grass needs more water than other grass. If you are growing fescue grass then there are specific steps you should take that might not apply if you are growing another type of grass.

As for watering and how much is enough, new grass takes more water than a mature lawn. Until a lawn has matured and grown long roots, lack of water is a big threat. On the other hand, too much water can kill grass as quickly as too little water.

If your neighbor's lawn looks green and healthy then he is probably doing something right. If the grass is brown or molding and dying then he or she is probably watering too much.


Is watering everyday really necessary for growing grass lawns? My neighbor has a sprinkler system and every evening during the warm months the sprinklers are spitting away for an hour or so. Not only is the sound of the sprinklers, and the water on the sidewalk irritating, but he is putting out water that could be consumed somewhere else.

There are periods during the summer when we are asked to conserve water. This doesn't seem to affect him. Those sprinklers are always working. I know grass needs water, but this seems a bit over the top to me.

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