What Are the Best Tips for Growing a Mustache?

Christina Edwards

Before growing a mustache, a man should first decide what type, or style, he wants. He can then begin shaving the area around the upper lip. It is also usually necessary to groom the hairs on the mustache. Finally, growing a mustache usually requires a little patience.

The time it takes to grow a mustache can vary from man to man.
The time it takes to grow a mustache can vary from man to man.

A man can choose from several styles when growing a mustache. Pencil mustaches are much narrower than other types of mustaches. This type of mustache usually requires more maintenance, like daily trimming.

A mustache should be cleaned regularly with soap and water.
A mustache should be cleaned regularly with soap and water.

As a general rule, most men do not allow their mustaches to grow longer than their upper lip line. A natural mustache is probably one of the easiest mustaches to grow. It requires little maintenance. All it usually needs is an occasional trim.

Shaving the hair around the mustache will usually make a mustache stand out, and a man will look less scruffy while growing a mustache. To do this, he should first wet the hair and apply a uniform layer of shaving cream to the areas that he wants to shave. Using a clean, sharp razor he can remove any unwanted hair by shaving in the direction that the hair grows. After each swipe with the razor, he should rinse the blade with water to keep it from getting clogged. Shaving just to the edges of the lips is a good way to get an even mustache.

Most men also choose to trim the hairs on their mustaches to keep them neat. An electric beard and mustache trimmer works well for this, but small scissors and a mustache comb will work as well. To use these mustache trimming tools, the mustache should first be combed down with the mustache comb. Any hairs that are too long can then be snipped off with the scissors. After growing a mustache, it will usually need to be trimmed abut every few weeks.

Dirt and other grime can accumulate in a mustache throughout the course of the day. Washing the face every day can help prevent this. A mustache can be washed with either a mild soap or shampoo.

Mustache hairs can be very thick, and they may sometimes irritate the skin. Softening hairs can prevent this. Applying conditioner during a shower can help soften mustache hairs.

Every man's mustache will hair grow at a different rate. For instance, some men may have a full mustache within a few days, while others will not. Patience is usually required when growing a mustache. This will usually not happen overnight, and it can take up to a few weeks.

Itching and irritation may occur when a man is attempting to grow a mustache.
Itching and irritation may occur when a man is attempting to grow a mustache.

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@fBoyle-- I have the same issue in a few spots on my cheeks. I can't grow a full beard for this reason because I have bald spots when I try.

You could try to nourish those areas with hair oil or beard oil. There are oils that are very nourishing and can encourage hair growth. They also make facial hair super soft and shiny. But if this is not enough to fill in those areas, you will have to think about a different style of mustache you can try.


Does anyone have any tips for getting a mustache to grow thicker and fuller?

I'm trying to grow a mustache but there are a few spots on my upper lip where hair is very fine and sparse. So I'm not getting the look that I'm going for. I had never tried growing a mustache before this so I had no idea that I even had sparse areas like this. What should I do? I just want a full beard that's full and even everywhere.


I don't recommend using shampoo to wash a mustache. Although facial hair does need to be cleaned regularly, shampoo can cause irritation or dryness. I had tried shampoo a few times in the beginning, and it caused irritation. I now wash my mustache with a facial cleanser. I cleanse my whole face and include my mustache as well. Any facial soap will work well for this.

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