What Are the Best Tips for Growing a Long Goatee?

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The best tips for growing a long goatee are to start off by encouraging as much dense growth as possible, to avoid trimming while it is growing out, and to keep it clean and moisturized once it gets some length. Growing a long goatee can seem daunting, but trying a few tricks to stimulate growth in the beginning can help get things going. Once the growth is off to a good start, there isn't much to do besides letting it grow and taking a little bit of time to maintain it. After some length is attained, continuing to let it grow will be more pleasant if it is properly cared for.

When starting with a completely bare face, a popular trick to get facial hair growing thicker and faster is to shave as often as possible. This may seem counterintuitive, but the frequent shaving is supposed to stimulate faster, thicker growth. To prevent irritation while doing this, it is best to moisturize the skin as much as possible and to avoid aftershave. Another trick to get hair growing into a long goatee is to get plenty of sunlight as it may increase hair growth. If more sunlight is not an option, getting plenty of Vitamin D from a supplement can have the same effect.

Once facial hair is growing at a good pace and with good density, the best tip to getting a long goatee is to simply leave it alone. It may be tempting to do just a little trimming to keep things looking even or neat, but when length is the ultimate goal, it is best to just leave it alone for a while. This is, however, likely to cause some itching on the skin, so continuing to use moisturizer can be helpful and can make the initial growing process less irritating. It is also a good idea to pay a little extra attention to washing this new area of hair so that everything stays clean.

As a goatee starts to get some length, the best tip for keeping it going is to keep it clean, healthy, and neat. Some trimming to maintain the shape and uniform length of a long goatee may be necessary. Also, it is important to keep the beard clean, which can be done by washing it with regular shampoo or a product that is meant specifically for facial hair. Conditioner can help keep the hair smooth and moisturized as well. Additional grooming tools such as combs, brushes, or gels might be desirable depending on the intended style of the goatee.

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Post 3

@fBoyle-- I don't think it's a good idea to trim a goatee while it's still growing. It's better to let it grow until it's the desired length and then do the trimming and fixing. It's enough to use some oil or moisturized to keep the goatee looking neat while it grows.

The reason for this is because not everyone can get a good goatee. Some of us are more inclined to get hair on some parts of our face and less on other parts. Letting the beard just grow will give you an idea of whether you will be able to sport a long goatee or not. Trimming it at this stage is unnecessary.

Post 2

I'm trying to grow a long goatee. I only trim and fix the sides once every couple of weeks. But it's taking forever for my beard to grow! What should I do?

Post 1

When I first started growing a goatee, I was getting a lot of ingrown hair and my face was very irritated and itchy. A friend of mine told me to exfoliate my face often with a scrub or a washcloth. I started exfoliating several times a week and it made a huge difference! I stopped getting ingrown hairs and the itching disappeared.

If you're like me and growing facial hair for the first time after years of shaving, exfoliation is a must.

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