What are the Best Tips for Grouting Floor Tiles?

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Grouting floor tiles is not usually a difficult process. Floor tiles, when laid, have small gaps in between them that must be filled with grout. This is a type of cement that dries within a few hours of being exposed to air. One must have the proper tools for grouting floor tiles. Such instruments generally include the grout itself, a leveler, a metal trowel, a sponge, water, and a cloth. Some stores sell grouting kits that contain all the necessary grout tools.

The first tip for grouting floor tile is to make sure the tile is laying flat against the floor, in even spaces. One can use small rubber spacers in between the tiles to keep an even measurement. When laying tile, one should also use a leveler to make sure the tiles are not crooked. A leveler can accurately display the evenness, or level, of a floor.

Another good tip for grouting floor tiles is to choose the correct grout for the job. Grout comes in several colors and textures, including a smooth unsanded type and sanded, which adds more texture and strength. Sanded grout is best for ceramic floor tiles that have large gaps in between the tiles, while unsanded grout is good for soft marble tiles and small gaps. When selecting a grout color, one should try to complement the color of the tiles.


Cement-based floor tile grout is the strongest type. It is best for people who want to grout their own floors, since it is easy to use. When mixing the cement, one must be careful to get the correct water-to-grout ratio. One should always read the label on the package to make sure the right amount of water is added. There should be enough water so that the grout is thick, but spreadable.

After the grout is mixed, one should practice applying it to an inconspicuous area on the floor or on a backboard, where mistakes are not as visible. When one is comfortable with applying the grout, he or she should clean the tiles with a damp sponge or cloth, making sure there is no dirt anywhere that could mar the look of the floor.

Grouting floor tiles is a job that can take a few hours, so one should make sure one is wearing thick pants or knee pads for comfort reasons. Placing signs on doorways asking people to avoid the room is another good tip, because if a person walks across a freshly grouted room, it might ruin the project.


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