What are the Best Tips for Grout Removal?

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Grout removal might be necessary for a number of reasons, such as removing old tile for new tile installation, regrouting existing tile or cleaning pieces of grout dropped on top of existing tile. To remove extensive amounts of grout from between tiles, small hand tools such as a hammer and chisel or a grout scraper can be used. For large jobs or faster removal, there are power tools available for purchase. The method chosen depends on personal preference and the availability of tools.

A hammer and chisel work well for grout removal. If a chisel is not readily available, a flathead screwdriver with a thin tip might be substituted. One can simply hold the screwdriver at a 45 degree angle to the grout and hammer it with light pressure. After the initial tap with the hammer, the chisel should be aimed away from the remaining grout so the tile itself is not chipped or cracked.

Another way to remove grout is with a grout scraper. This tool is used to scrape away the grout, eventually removing it all. Many people believe this to be a painstakingly long and rather unreliable process. Caution should be used when removing grout with a scraper, because it is easy to accidentally scrape the remaining tile.


Many people choose to use a rotary tool for grout removal. These tools have various tips that are available for purchase, one of which is a grout removal tip. The tool quickly grinds away the grout. Use of one of these tools might speed the process of grout removal, and the tip design makes it easier to avoid scratching the tile.

Another power tool that is available is a handheld tool used to cut tile and drywall. This tool speeds the process of grout removal as well, but many people feel that it is much harder to control than other rotary tools. The tool is still used in much the same way, grinding away grout. As with other power tools used for grout removal, care should be taken to avoid scratching the remaining tile.

When an individual is removing grout, it is important for him or her to remember to take certain precautions. A sheet should be put down to protect flooring from dust created during the procedure. Also, wearing a face mask might help ensure that the dust is not inhaled. Working in small areas might help keep the site tidier and make it easier to stop if necessary.


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Post 2

I know a lot of people really like tile and I do think it looks nice, but I hate cleaning the grout.

Our breezeway is all tile, and the grout that was put down is white. This is so hard to keep clean as this is our main entryway between the house and the garage.

I have tired using grout haze remover and several other grout cleaner products, but I still find myself down on my hands and knees scrubbing trying to keep it clean.

I have seen other grout that is a darker color and think this would be the way to go - especially in a room that gets so much foot traffic.

Post 1

Our entire basement is tile, and for the most part I like this because it is easier to keep clean than carpet and spills are easy to clean up.

We had an area of our basement that got flooded, and we ended up removing this tile and putting down new tile in this area.

This can be hard work if you don't have the right tools. We ended up using a grout removal power tool that helped make the process go much faster.

I was glad we didn't have to tile the whole basement again. Even though it looks nice when it is done, I think tiling is hard work and my knees and back start hurting after awhile.

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