What Are the Best Tips for Grooming a Yorkie?

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The best tips for grooming a Yorkie include trimming the coat straight across at the bottom to facilitate free movement. Hair should also be kept short at the top of the ears, and the ears should be cleaned on a regular basis with a soft, wet cloth. The Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie, is a small dog that is part of the toy group of dog breeds. Their coats need daily brushing with a slicker brush to keep it looking shiny and free of tangles.

When grooming a Yorkie, the nails need to be checked, and if they are long, need to be trimmed. If the nails are maintained on a regular basis, only small increments of the tips need trimming. Yorkies have very small and delicate paws, so an inexperienced or apprehensive owner should consult a professional groomer about the task. If the tissue is accidentally nicked during the process, bleeding may occur.

Yorkshire terriers are also prone to developing tear stains under the eyes, so grooming a Yorkie should include using a dog tear stain remover to gently clean without irritating the eyes. Plain water water and a soft cloth can also be used to wipe away tears stains. Soap should not be used around the eye area to avoid irritating the eyes.


Another important component of grooming a Yorkie is to clean its ears with a cotton ball and warm water or ear-cleaning solution. The ears should be cleaned gently so that wax buildup is not pushed further into the dog's ear canal. This can cause infection and muffled hearing. While cleaning the ears, small hairs should be carefully trimmed from the inner ears because they can harbor bacteria and lead to an ear infection.

Many Yorkies wear barrettes or small elastic bands in their hair to keep it from falling into their eyes. Although this adds charm and character to the breed, attaching hair accessories too tight can cause painful pulling of the hair and result in hair loss. Prior to bathing a Yorkie, the coat should be brushed to remove tangles. If tangling or matting are noticed, they should be detangled with a hair-splitting tool.

The fur of the Yorkie needs to be kept clean and conditioned to maintain its silkiness. Yorkies should be bathed with warm water and shampooed. The coat should be washed gently and then rinsed thoroughly with warm water. After the shampoo is completely rinsed out, a conditioner should be applied, worked through the hair, and rinsed. The coat should then be dried gently with a soft towel.


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